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Uncharted starring Tom Holland release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

The hit video game series Uncharted is getting the live-action movie treatment at Sony, and many fans of the exciting digital adventures are super eager to know as much as they can about the upcoming motion picture.

For those that don’t know, Uncharted is an action-adventure game that has had titles do very well with gamers on the PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, PlayStation Vita, and mobile platforms. The series that chronicles the epic adventures of fortune hunter Nathaniel “Nate” Drake has become one of the undisputed best-selling video game franchises of all time began in 2007 with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

The franchise has only gotten more prominent as well as expand its fanbase with every subsequent entry shipping a total of more than 41 million units.

The development of the live-action Uncharted film began in 2008 when known Spider-Man producer Avi Arad announced the movie was happening at Sony. The entire affair has seen a series of personnel changes over the years, especially in the director’s chair.

At one point, David O. Russell was set to helm the feature but exited to direct Silver Linings Playbook. Seth Gordon was tapped but left to make Baywatch. Then Stranger Thing’s Shawn Levy was hired to be a director until he went to do Free Guy when 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg came on board.

Bumblebee’s Travis Knight took over before Venom’s Ruben Fleischer came into play and shot the film, which wrapped production on October 29, 2020.

Now that the video game flick has finished shooting, everyone stoked to see the cinematic endeavor starring Tom Holland in the titular role is obviously curious to know more about the entire ordeal.

Uncharted release date

The Uncharted release date has moved around a bit, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sony has indicated that its official release date for theater is Feb. 18, 2022.

It should also be noted that a deal was announced between Sony and Netflix regarding US streaming rights to the studio’s theatrical slate starting in 2022. Films like Morbius, Bullet Train, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, and Uncharted will be available to stream on Netflix 18 months after the theatrical release, which is when The Hollywood Reporter reports the home entertainment window closes.

This means Uncharted will be available on Netflix for subscribers to enjoy in 2023.

Uncharted cast

The casting for the Uncharted film has been an interesting journey, to say the least. There was a massive fan interest in Firefly’s Nathan Fillion playing Drake, but this unfortunately never came true. There is a pretty cool fan film he stars in on YouTube.

Chris Pratt was considered for the titular part, and in 2020 Mark Wahlberg was in talks to star in the movie. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Tom Holland eventually landed the role, and Wahlberg was cast as Sully, who is Nathan Drake’s mentor and a fellow fortune hunter.

Sophia Taylor Ali was cast as Chloe Frazier, another fortune hunter who also happens to be Drake’s love interest. Tati Gabrielle was also cast as Braddock, and Antonio Banderas is also slated to be in the motion picture based on the hit video game franchise.

Uncharted synopsis

Here is the official synopsis for Uncharted film starring Tom Holland via IMDb:

The story is a prequel to the games, starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully.

Uncharted trailer

At this time, there is no trailer or preview for the live-action Uncharted film, and it’s really anyone’s guess when a teaser will arrive. As soon as one officially drops, we will be sure to share it with everyone right away.

For more information as it comes out about the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland, make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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