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  • Why It Matters to Google that You E.A.T.

    Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year. In most cases, they are minor tweaks that fix issues or streamline processes. However, there are a few significant broad core algorithm changes that affect entire industries and market segments worldwide, such as the EAT algorithm update of August 2018. The update reflected Google’s continuing […] More

  • A Guide to Google’s Featured Snippets and How to Land Them

    Getting your website to Google’s first page takes persistence and an understanding of how search engine result pages, or SERPs, work. The higher your ranking, the better your visibility. This can lead to increased clicks as more people visit your page. Effective search engine optimization can be vital for your page’s growth, especially if you […] More

  • Glossary of Social Media Terms

    Even experienced social media users can get confused when it comes to specific jargon. Understanding important social media terms can help you learn how to harness these platforms for your business. This glossary explains several key terms anyone working in digital marketing should know. Algorithm This is the set of rules social media platforms use […] More

  • Best Business Uses for Facebook

    Social media is a useful tool for small business owners who are trying to grow their companies. But, not all businesses on Facebook are getting the most out of this platform. Knowing the main advantages of your Facebook account and how to use them can help you bring in more customers. Business Page Begin by […] More

  • Best Business Uses for Twitter

    Twitter offers a highly versatile platform you can put to good use as you grow your business. Many brands have developed a strong presence on Twitter and used it to spread awareness. Like every other social media platform, Twitter has its own unique aspects. It is an effective tool for various types of business uses. […] More

  • Why People Click on Paid Ads and Its Impact on Your Search Marketing

    Investing in paid ads is grounded invisibility, brand awareness, and high-quality site traffic. But what compels search audiences to click on paid search ads? According to a recent survey from Clutch, the reasons people click on paid search advertising depend on three interconnected factors: Search platform Age Intent Ultimately, these factors determine how relevant search […] More

  • Layr Raises $5m In Funding, Looks to Expand Tailored Biz Quotes Offer

    Layr, an insurance startup that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help small businesses customize commercial insurance bundles announced today a $5 million Series Seed round of financing. Sandbox Insurtech Ventures led the round with participation from new investors Flyover Capital and Maschmeyer Group Ventures, and from existing investor, Lloyd’s of London. Chris Zock, […] More

  • Adapting To The Competitive Ways Of SEO

    Adapting To The Competitive Ways Of SEO

    Most businesses have websites, but many have not created an effective online storefront. The right search engine optimization will allow you to get noticed more. The more visitors you have to your site, the better your profits will be. Continue reading to learn how to optimize your site with ease. Select a keyword specific domain […] More

  • Here’s what Pediatric Dentists Say ⋆ Best Places Of Interest

    The role of a pediatric dentist is evolving from a routine oral care service provider into a somewhat personal dental expert whose primary aim is to deliver comfortable oral hygiene experience and an in-depth understanding of a child’s dental health. Many parents are surprised when they learn that teeth decay is a common health problem […] More

  • Engaging in Sports Is The Best Workout!

    If you are anything like me, working out is an absolute priority. Although in this day and age, it is nowhere as close to a priority as it should be for most people. A lot of people will look themselves in the mirror a million times and tell themselves, “you suck, do some crunches. Eat […] More

  • Who Is Your G.O.A.T. ?

    In sports, we very seldom come across the term ‘G.O.A.T.’ or simply put ‘GOAT’. For those of you who don’t know what it stands for, it means ‘Greatest Of All Time’. Talk to any sports fan in this world, whether they’ve been following the sport for decades or just a couple of years; every fan […] More

  • Neurosurgeon Enhances Access to Care in South Georgia

    “It’s not brain surgery,” joked Dr. Kimberly Mackey during an interview at South Georgia Medical Center. But, actually, it is… Dr. Mackey is a double-board certified neurosurgeon in adult and pediatric neurosurgery who joined the medical staff of SGMC this month. With intentions of becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mackey attended medical school at the […] More

  • Health vs. Fitness And Why Running A Marathon Doesn’t Mean You Are Healthy

    Most of the confusion comes from how we use the terms Fitness and Health interchangeably. We think that just because we are fit enough to run a marathon that we must also be healthy. However, these two terms have very little in common and the fact that most of us don’t know the difference leads to […] More

  • Best Business Uses for Pinterest

    Pinterest is an important social network for a lot of people. However, despite the popularity of the site, many teams have a hard time finding the best business uses for Pinterest. This is, in part, due to the fact that Pinterest functions differently from other popular social networks. Fortunately, this difference makes it a valuable […] More

  • Do Businesses Still Need To Worry About Yahoo and Bing?

    Today, Google is the acknowledged leader in internet searches. Digital marketers and creators of SEO content tend to focus on working with Google’s algorithms to increase ranking. Because Bing and Yahoo do not have the same prominence, many question whether it is worthwhile to be concerned about one’s rankings with these search engines. There are […] More

  • Mobile First Indexing Has Arrived: 8 Ways Your Site Can Benefit

    Google still rules as the undisputed king of search engines. The site handles more than 35 billion queries per day from users all over the globe who are looking for everything from advice on how to handle personal relationships to find a local coffee house. Google is a part of most people’s everyday lives and […] More

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