• Why is 5G mobile broadband technology such a mystery?

    Why is 5G mobile broadband technology such a mystery?0

    Answer: no one knows. When we contacted the very academic responsible for “polar code” — a technology vital to Huawei’s bid for 5G dominance — he told us he couldn’t talk because he didn’t have the “factual information.” The debate around 5G — an embryonic technology that’s seemingly poised to replace 4G and meet our

  • JadeWeserPort: From problem child to thriving harbor0

    After a tedious start, the JadeWeserPort has developed well. Six years after Germany’s only deep-water port started operation, it is on target and set for growth. Who drives on the last kilometers of the Federal Highway 29, is often lonely on the road. There is hardly any traffic and there are no traffic jams. This pleases not only

  • Angela Merkel: “Regulated Brexit is in the German interest”

    Angela Merkel: “Regulated Brexit is in the German interest”0

    The Chancellor’s policy statement is already devoted more to the future EU than to the Brexit struggle in London. Theresa May signals more time to leave the EU. Angela Merkel could not wait. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble spoke, explaining the first item on the agenda, the Chancellor’s policy statement. Already Merkel stood up, hesitated for a moment, took

  • Chaos in Greek football

    Chaos in Greek football0

    Again, a top match in Greece must be canceled because of rampaging football fans. Typical: The affected club Panathinaikos Athens sees the guilt not with him, but the German referee.  It could have become a football festival: In the Athens Olympic Stadium, the traditional club Panathinaikos meets series champion Olympiacos Piraeus, tens of thousands of fans

  • Weapons Law: New Debate in the US

    Weapons Law: New Debate in the US0

    The planned ban on semiautomatic weapons in New Zealand following the Christchurch massacre has sparked a debate in the US on arms law. “That’s what real action in the fight against gun violence looks like,” tweeted Democratic US Senator Bernie Sanders. The US would have to follow the example of New Zealand. New Zealand’s Prime Minister

  • Victory in the defeat? Reactions from Hungary on Fidesz expulsion

    Victory in the defeat? Reactions from Hungary on Fidesz expulsion0

    The European People’s Party has provisionally seceded from Orban’s Fidesz party. The reactions in Hungary’s media to the decision of yesterday are quite different. Already in Brussels some observers rubbed their eyes in amazement when Hungary’s head of state said that they had made the “good decision” to let the membership rest. Thus, the EPP has