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Is Lee Swift from The Circle a real author?

The Netflix competition show, The Circle, is a show where people have the option to lie about who they are, what they do, and how they look.

Contestants like Lee Swift decided to enter the circle as someone else, his friend River, and has been doing a good job so far of making the other contestants (and us) fall in love with “him.”

As Lee presents himself as an entirely different person, you’re probably wondering if there are other things he’s fronting about. We’re here to uncover the truth behind Lee’s mask.

Is Lee Swift from The Circle a real author?

You’d better get your reading glasses on because Swift actually is a real author!

On the show, he stated that he would write books under a pen name and has been doing so for about thirty years. According to StyleCaster, Lee Swift’s pen name is Kris Cook, and he often writes with his other author friend, Lana McLemore.

Kris Cook is listed as an erotic romance author and some of his erotic romance books, including the titles Secret Cravings, an erotic science-fiction short story titled A Perfect World, and the novella Three to Play.

Cook has also written some books about paranormal, western, or contemporary topics and really has built a pretty solid career as an erotic romance novelist. However, there are a few books that Lee Swift has actually written under his own name.

Lee Swift books

In 2016, Swift and McLemore wrote a book called Morvicti Blood, and the year after that he released another book titled Antarctica Infiltration.

His latest book, Levi’s Rogues, was written in 2019, and it looks like Kris Cook and Lee Swift decided to collab on this erotic fiction. (Hmm, we wonder how the both of them met?)

Perhaps Swift will write another book about his experience on the Netflix competition series and include a character who does yoga and teaches breathwork. Maybe name him Bryant?

You can catch River, I mean, Lee Swift on The Circle where new episodes release every Wednesday on Netflix.

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