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When do new episodes of The Circle season 2 come out?

When do new episodes of The Circle season 2 come out? image

It’s time, Netflix Lifers! New episodes of the streamer’s catfishing original series are finally here which means The Circle season 2 is about to be burning up the internet. But if you’re looking to binge this show all in one go then you’re going to be disappointed.

Season 2 of The Circle is not watch-’til-you-drop television in the way Netflix made famous. You won’t be huddled under a blanket for the whole day yelling at the screen or cheering when your favorite contestant makes the strategic move that secures the $100,000 bag for them after a 13-hour marathon.

However, that doesn’t mean this new season isn’t going to be your next streaming addiction. These eight contestants and their antics will have you picking sides in no time but batches of new episodes will be dropping weekly not all at once.

Let us tell you, those cliffhangers are going to leave you desperate for the next week to roll around promptly.

New episodes of The Circle season 2 release weekly on Netflix

Per Cosmopolitan, the release schedule for The Circle season 2 is as follows:

  • Week 1 – April 14: Episodes 1-4
  • Week 2 – April 21: Episodes 5-8
  • Week 3 – April 28: Episodes 9-12
  • Week 4 – May 5: Season 2 Finale Episode

The second season of The Circle is playing all the games and not a feeling is safe in that building. For those with name recognition like Chloe from Too Hot to Handle and pop royalty Lance Bass of *NSYNC, being known might not be the best thing around these suspicious contestants.

But we can’t blame them. Suspicion is what’s going to keep some of the circle from being tricked by contestants trying to fake their way to the top by being the best liars they can be.

All may be fair in love and war but when it comes to winning the grand prize, fairness is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Well, that’s if they’re not breathwork instructor Bryant whose light and love is inspiring but may not win him any favors.

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