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4 Ways to Save Money on Phone Plans This Holiday Season

When the holidays roll around, you can’t help but be excited. You get a little time off work, family and friends are around to celebrate with you, and you get to indulge in certain activities. But sometimes the holidays can have a significant impact on your finances.

There’s so much to buy in so little time that you forget about saving. Furthermore, you’re trying to stay in touch with everyone, so you may have made slight changes to your phone plan. Instead of adding to your phone expenses, we’ll show you a few tricks to help you save money during the holidays.

1. Find a New Provider

Most people are loyal to their cell phone provider because they came across a solid deal. Although it’s contract-based, the reward was getting a phone they’ve wanted for a long time. But people are fickle, and being in a one or two-year contract might be too long, especially when something new hits the market. And if you try breaking that contract, you could suffer a penalty that could impact your finances.

Throughout the holidays, most cell phone providers offer great deals, so you’re bound to find a cheap phone service that suits your needs. The better services are contract-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about repercussions. They also have the same types of phones you can get from major providers, so you won’t miss out on new devices.

2. Cut Back on Your Data Plan

As mentioned above, the holidays are a time to stay in touch with people. You want to remain well-connected, so you can schedule your outings. You’ll probably stretch your finances a bit. The downside is that you might not enjoy other activities.

Instead, why don’t you cut back on your data plan? Plenty of spaces have public Wi-Fi hotspots, making it easier to connect with loved ones. You can also let people know you won’t have as much data. That way, you can schedule things beforehand without worrying about running out of data. And the best part is you’ll have more money for your outings since it’s not getting spent on a bulkier data plan.

3. Get a Used Device

You’ve worked hard all year, so the holidays are a time to treat yourself. Some time has passed since you’ve gotten a new phone, and that’s what you’re looking forward to the most. The problem is the new phone and plan are just out of your budget, so it’ll take a moment before you can get it.

However, you can still get the same phone if you buy it used. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a new phone, but it’s still “new” to you. You’ll still get the same great benefits the phone has; the only thing that’ll be missing is the fresh-out-the-box smell. The phone will also be cheaper since it’s a secondhand device, meaning the plan won’t be as expensive.

If you plan to buy a used device, have it inspected by a professional service. Most will provide an in-depth report to let you know if anything is wrong with it. Once it passes all necessary checks, you can buy your “new” phone while saving money in the process.

4. Don’t Get Phone Insurance

Phone insurance is always interesting because some people say you should get it, while others disagree. When it comes down to it, having insurance depends on the type of individual you are. Insuring your device will be a good idea if you’re not the most responsible person. It’ll be easier to get a replacement if it’s lost or damaged.

On the other hand, if you don’t have many issues taking care of your phone, there’s no need to get insurance. It’s an extra cost you may regret at the end of every month. It would be better to have a bulkier phone case to protect your device. Your phone will have better protection, and you’ll have some extra money in your pocket at the end of each month.

Save Money on Phone Plans During the Holidays With These Tips

The holiday season is fun because it brings people together to create memories that last a lifetime. Although you want to stay as connected as possible, there are plenty of ways to save money on a phone plan without stretching your budget. You can find a new provider to get cheaper phone service and reduce your data plan.

There’s also the option of buying a used device to cut down on costs associated with a brand-new phone. Finally, you can avoid getting insurance if you think it’s unnecessary. Incorporate these tips to help you land a better phone plan and have fun during the holidays.

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