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The Future Is Here, And It Has High-Tech Male Sex Toys In It

Some say the future is female, but today’s sex toy industry could suggest otherwise. The most inclusive innovations foster male orgasms and promote collaboration between intimate partners. Many devices also support long-distance relationships with real-time connectivity through secure platforms. Sex is nothing like it used to be and will never be the same again.

Today’s pleasure market is full of versatile options waiting to give men a raging boner. You can customize experiences based on countless criteria, including significant issues facing healthy sexuality. Discover devices for premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s Disease, erectile dysfunction, and performance enhancement to build a tailored collection. High-tech male sex toys are the future, and the future is now.

This article will chronicle the history of assisted male masturbation and discuss today’s best pleasure innovations. It will detail and dispel modern myths about sex machines and introduce five exciting developments in the sextech industry. Let’s get started.

A Brief History of Male Masturbation

Male sex toys weren’t always sexy. Ancient civilizations once used hollowed-out vegetables and cleaned animal skins to masturbate. Modern men aren’t the exception. Contemporary scientists are well aware of the everyday fifi used by guys who just want to get off quickly. It seems that has always been the case.

The history of male masturbation isn’t pretty, but it has taught us many things about a man’s libido. For example, we now know the anatomy of a penis and what triggers an orgasm. This knowledge allows the sex toy industry to develop products that target specific nerve endings. Fortunately, the innovations didn’t stop there.

Despite the enduring social stigma about self-stimulation, male stroker developers continue to invent new things. Gone are the days of men shamefully touching themselves in dark rooms. With the myths busted, horny males can bust a nut without a guilty conscience. They can also integrate advanced technologies to enhance the experience.

Modern Machinery, Myths Busted

Modern machinery has proven once and for all that the male orgasm is a powerful thing. People used to believe guys ejaculated sperm-filled wads and nothing more. We won’t even start on what folks thought about the female orgasm because that’s another story. The point is that technology has helped uncover multiple mysteries about the male libido, and you’re living in the best century.

Some of the suppositions made by the public are downright comical. However, our trusty sex machines have helped clarify a few things. Here are some myths to consider before we lay down the truths:

Myth #1: Masturbation Will Make You Go Blind.

Many cultures think touching yourself will lead to vision problems in the future. Some civilizations even teach that the damage is permanent.

FACT: Masturbating won’t make you blind. There isn’t any correlation between self-pleasure and eyesight. In fact, many sextech devices utilize vision to help improve the experience.

Myth #2: Jerking Off Is a Sign of Desperation

You can still hear folks talking about masturbation like it’s an alternative to sex. However, sex and masturbation provide two unique experiences; some men prefer both.

FACT: Masturbation is a healthy and natural human behavior. Some sex toy companies develop devices for couples to interact and play with when they get horny.

Myth #3: High-Tech Sex Toys Are Unnecessary 

Some assume men can reach satisfying levels of pleasure using only their hands. Yet, many guys risk hurting themselves or others if they try. High-tech machines help them live with no regrets.

FACT: Many men cannot reach orgasm without assistance. They require advanced technologies to help stimulate dull nerve endings or help with mobility problems, long distances, and other issues.

Today’s SexTech innovations are exciting and available for anyone who wants them. You don’t need special skills or equipment for most high-tech devices, and those that do require additional gear need everyday items. Think USB chargers, personal lubricants, cleaning supplies, and adjustable mounts. The chosen accessories will directly relate to the experience you desire.

DID YOU KNOW: Some modern masturbators for men are equipped with features to support hands-free stimulation. Others can help stroke a flaccid penis.

Five Exciting Tech Innovations in Male Pleasure

Homemade masturbation devices will never go away. Men will always want to DIY their orgasms and conquer new territories. Many guys also enjoy the challenge of developing something specific to their fantasies. However, today’s sex toy industry handles much of the hard work involved.

The best sextech innovations are user-friendly and eco-conscious. They often feature potent motors, powerful batteries, skin-safe materials, and ergonomic dimensions. Top-quality masturbators for men also have exceptional canal textures, brilliant detailing, and variable pleasure settings to encourage customization.

If you think all that sounds exciting, wait until you read about these five tech innovations in male pleasure:

#1. Bluetooth Enabled Male Strokers

Modern penis-stroking machines are more than motor-driven contraptions with holes in them. The best options are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connectivity to other devices. You can create real-time scenarios by yourself or with a partner. Some also let you sync playlists for a more rhythmic experience.

NOTE: Most Bluetooth masturbators come with a wireless remote for better control.

#2. Virtual Reality Content Syncing

Wireless connections sparked new design concepts that have helped revolutionize the sex toy industry. Many brands no integrate virtual reality to enhance user satisfaction. You can use Bluetooth to join massive online platforms filled with XXX content, games, and other amenities. Then wear a compatible VR headset to monitor, manage, or maintain your fantasies.

NOTE: You’ll likely have to buy virtual reality equipment separately to enjoy this innovation.

#3. Artificial Intelligence Performance Enhancements

Top sex toy brands use artificial intelligence and machine learning to build groundbreaking products. Take Autoblow AI, for example. It determines the user’s favorite performance settings and massages the penis unassisted. Many similar devices also integrate the technology to provide deeper, more profound stimulation with computer-aided acts that resemble the real thing.

NOTE: Users must play with their AI sex toys multiple times before enjoying unaided stimulus.

#4. Realistic Patented Materials

Sextech also involves the materials we use for our pleasure products. Latex, parabens, and phthalates are long gone, replaced by high-tech stuff like silicone, TPE, and PVC. Some brands have also developed their own skin-like textiles for enhanced pleasure. Explore the variables between SuperSkin, FantaFlesh, and other patented products to discover your favorite.

NOTE: Just because a brand claims its materials feel realistic doesn’t mean it’s true.

#5. Heated Cores

This feature is still relatively rare, but many companies are following suit. Heated cores help intensify the sensations and create a more realistic experience. Some brands are also throwing in audio features to further convince users. Combine the heat with your preferred lubricant and visual stimulation to enjoy the closest thing to real sex that any machine has ever provided.

NOTE: You must let the device heat up before using it and cool down before cleaning.

There’s certainly a learning curve when introducing sextech to the unfamiliar. Practice makes perfect, but many men remain stuck on traditional techniques. They are afraid to try new methods because of tech complications and concerns. Some also think technology removes intimacy and replaces it with sheer pleasure. However, the best brands have worked hard to incorporate collaboration while allowing solo stimulation.

How to Make the Most of Sextech

Becoming familiar with the latest pleasure technologies can be tricky. Each device requires a different approach, and some also need time to adjust to your body. However, you can make your experience better by following these simple tips:

  • Read the Owner’s Manual. Pay attention to the instructions, and mind the warnings.
  • Keep Your Devices Clean. Wash your toys before and after each use.
  • Use an Appropriate Lube. Ensure your lubricant is compatible with the device’s materials.
  • Enjoy It with a Partner. Ask a lover to stimulate your penis while you lay down and relax.
  • Explore the Features First. Don’t formulate an opinion until you’ve used the toy a few times.


High-tech sex toys prove that people can change if given a chance. They represent mankind’s willingness to develop, grow, and consider new possibilities. The best devices also encourage interactions instead of relegating a masturbator to the most private quarters of their homes. This is the future we’ve all been waiting for. Explore your options to discover what modern sex toy companies offer. Then determine which fantasies you want to fulfill first. Always read the owner’s manual, take time to practice, and communicate with your partners for the best results.

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