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What is Zero on Netflix about?

If you’re a fan of people suddenly having superhero powers and having to deal with the responsibility of such a supernatural phenomenon whilst still trying to figure their place in the world, then the series, Zero, may be the show for you.

A part of Netflix’s new April releases, this show fits right into the other shows about supernatural powers currently on the streaming platform such as The Irregulars, the Netflix series Shadow and Bone, and the critically-acclaimed series, Stranger Things.

But just what makes Zero stand apart from the rest? We’re here to tell you everything about the upcoming original series.

What is Zero on Netflix about?

No, this isn’t a Marvel series, but it comes pretty close.

Zero is a series about a young boy who has always gone unnoticed in his life, one may even say that he has always been, invisible. With the help of some newfound friends, he fights for the future of his neighborhood while managing a life full of something he has never had before, friends and superpowers.

Here is the official synopsis below from Netflix:

A shy teen with the power to turn invisible must get it under control to help defend his neighborhood, putting aside the pursuit of his artistic dream.

The series is based in Italy and features some Italian actors and actresses that you’ll be delighted to meet. The cast includes Giuseppe Dave Seke as Zero, Haroun Fall as Shariff, Beatrice Granno as Anna, Dylan Magon as Momo, and Virgina Diop as Awa.

However, it’s probably easier to put a face to the name. Check out the cast in the trailer below.

Zero trailer

A boy who has to deal with great powers and great responsibilities sounds pretty familiar to us.

Perhaps, he and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse‘s Miles Morales can learn a lot from each other. After all, they seem to share a common interest of drawing and are both super awkward when it comes to friendships. Sounds like a great friendship already, but let’s get to know Zero a bit more first.

The new Netflix show, Zero, is coming to the platform on April 21, and we’re just excited as you are to watch.

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