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Shadow and Bone: Who is Jesper Fahey?

Shadow and Bone is only a couple of weeks away! Fans have been waiting years for this series to hit Netflix. Who doesn’t want to see the characters from their favorite book on screen?

Luckily, Shadow and Bone hits Netflix on April 23!

But, if you haven’t quite got around to reading Shadow and Bone or Six of Crows, you might not know who these characters are. That’s what we’re here for.

Let’s discuss a fan favorite: Jesper Fahey.

Who is Jesper in Shadow and Bone?

I started reading Six of Crows last year to prepare for watching Shadow and Bone, and Jesper quickly became one of my favorite characters. He takes risks, he’s impulsive, he gambles (and often loses), he’s charming AF, and he’s a gunslinger who can get the gang out of just about any situation with his pistols. But that impulsiveness can get him into lots of trouble.

In the Netflix original series, Jesper is being played by Kit Young, and based on the behind-the-scenes footage and the trailer, he looks like the PERFECT Jesper. He’s got the charm, and he clearly knows how to work those pearl-handled pistols.

In the books, Jesper originally came to Ketterdam to go to university, but then he tried gambling, and the rest was history. To cover his debts, he joined the Dregs, one of the gangs in Ketterdam run by Kaz Brekker.

He’s from the country of Novyi Zem where he lived with his Kaelish father, Colm, and Grisha mother, Aditi. Grisha simply means she has certain powers. Quite a few characters are Grisha in both Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, so we’ll be seeing lots of magic in the series.

Physically, Jesper is always described as having dark skin and being very lean. He’s all limbs and is constantly in motion. If he has to sit still, he likes to have his hands on his guns. They’re like his security blanket.

In the Dregs, he’s not exactly Kaz’s second in command (that’s more Inej), but he’s up there in the ranks.

Jesper is definitely one of the characters I cannot wait to see come to life in the show. While he’s not in the trailer much, you can check out a quick peek of him here:

Are you excited to see Jesper in the Shadow and Bone series? Let us know in the comments below!

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