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What is the Best Free PDF Splitter?

PDF files are used everywhere today – at work, at universities for work with study materials, and in everyday life. The popularity of this format has not decreased for many years. Since we use PDF files every day, a natural question arises concerning the use of traffic, because such files weigh quite a lot. There are situations in which you may need only a small part of the content, and therefore, there is a need for a PDF Separator.

Splitting PDF is one of the important functions because it allows you to divide the document according to the size you need. This is very convenient when it comes to sharing PDF files. You can split the file to extract important pages or divide the document according to your desired categories. Thus, using pdf splitter, you can divide your large files into smaller parts and email them with great convenience.

Choosing a PDF splitting application can be tricky because not all such programs work efficiently. Let’s take a look at the 5 best applications for splitting such files.

There are many programs that help you to split files in this format. Among them, you can find both paid and free versions. In order to choose exactly the option which you need, it is necessary to consider the options and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

PDF Reader Pro Windows

PDF Reader Pro Windows is one of the best PDF splitters you can find. This application provides a wide range of PDF splitting features that you can choose from according to your needs. The interface of PDF Reader Pro is intuitive, which makes the user experience very efficient.

But there are both advantages and disadvantages to this program that you should know before you use this software.


  • You can split your entire PDF file into as many pages as you want. In addition, there is an option to split pdf by even number of pages (you can split by even or odd pages).
  • The application also allows you to split PDF files according to the desired range.
  • Saving time due to the fact that the whole process is as fast as possible.

In addition to splitting files, the application also provides a set of tools to simplify the creation, editing, conversion of PDF files, and much more.

The stable, fast operation of the application makes it very much in demand.

The only downside is that PDF Reader Pro is currently only available in English, Chinese.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF applications today. This program offers you many functions such as creating, converting, signing PDF files, extracting, compressing, and dividing PDF files and others.


  • The program offers several PDF splitting options to choose from: by the number of pages or maximum file size.
  • It is supported by popular devices and browsers.

The disadvantages include user complaints about the length of the separation process. And the paid version is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.

IceCream PDF Splitter

A very efficient and easy-to-use PDF splitting application.

The application provides many options for splitting PDF files, including splitting it into single-page files, splitting it into groups of pages, ranges of pages, or deleting parts of the file that you don’t need.

The disadvantage of the app is that its free version has many limitations on limits and quantities, so you can’t take advantage of all the features. The premium version, on the other hand, is quite expensive.

PDFSam Basic

This application, which is available to Windows users, allows you to easily split a PDF file into multiple parts. The application has three basic splitting functions:

  • “Divide by every n pages”.
  • “Divide by even or odd pages”.
  • “Divide after a given page number”.

There is a user-friendly interface due to which you can navigate easily.

Unfortunately, only four basic features of this application are available in the free trial version.

PDF Merger & Splitter

This application (merge and split) focuses on these two functions as the main ones. You can split a PDF file the way you want, or extract and save the desired pages as your own PDF file.


  • the application allows you to preview the pages you want to split to avoid errors.
  • developers provide a free version.

The weak point is that this app only offers splitting and merging, which significantly reduces the functionality.

It’s up to you to decide which service to use to quickly and conveniently split the files you need. The best solution is the one you feel most comfortable working with based on your tasks and capabilities. Sometimes it is very important to split files and you need to have this possibility. In this case the situation does not depend on the size of the files. That is why there are a significant number of tools for it. They work with a variety of browsers and operating systems.

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