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Evaluation Pig Farrowing Crate

Pig farrowing crate direction for the parts ben: Introduction

Structure: Pig farrowing fence or pig farrowing house are other names for pig farrowing crates. A sow locating frame, piglet fence, piglet incubator, manure dumping floor, and sow and supplemental feeding troughs, among other things, are included in a pig farrowing container. The locating frame is used to limit the sow’s freedom of movement. To prevent the piglet from being run over by the locating frame, there are bars between each one.

The sow locating frame typically measures 2.1–2.4 meters long and 1.0 meters broad. After being welded, the whole set—including the welded junction—will use the hot galvanizing technique. The welded joints are therefore burr-free and quick. It is completely safe for the pigs and can prevent corrosion and breakage. There are curved bumping columns at the base of the locating frame that may shield the piglets.

Piglets are contained and prevented from escaping by a fence. The fence has a clapboard design, which effectively fights illness. There is room between the farrowing crate and the sow’s tail, making it easier for the laboring employees to assist the sow and better for the piglets’ ability to move about. At the rear of the fence are the waterer bowl and the additional feeding trough. The rear of it also contains a feces area. The arrowing house’s floors are composed of cast iron and acrylic.

Slatted Plastic Floor The floor for piglets is made of plastic leaking board whereas the floor for sows is made of nodular cast iron.

We use PP materials to make all of our plastic floorings, and each reinforcement can support 150 kg. It completely complies with international standards, and there is no way that a piglet could break it.

5 plastic floors, please 3 plastic floors, 2 plastic floors, and 4 plastic floors 1

Features of the Pig Farrowing pen 1. A clean atmosphere during delivery may aid sows in recovering more quickly and releasing their full potential after parturition.

2. Easy for staff to care for the sow and piglets.

3. It may shield piglets and save them from being trampled by sows.

4. It may provide greater sanitation, which keeps germs at bay. Piglet morbidity should be decreased.

Supporting Building for the Farrowing House for Pigs

1. Nodular cast iron is used for the farrowing house support beam and the sow’s floor. The plastic leaking board used as the piglets’ floor provides for all of their needs.

2. The farrowing crate frame support uses the hot galvanizing technique, making it strong, long-lasting, and corrosion- and fading-resistant.

3. Bolts that are straightforward to remove are used to build the whole set. For the customer’s convenience, we also provide an incubator, a heating light, a water basin for sows and piglets, and a feeding trough for piglets.

The Farrowing House Supporting Facility’s strong points

1. The farrowing house’s whole support structure is built of nodular cast iron, which is strong and corrosion-resistant.

2. Our nodular cast iron uses epoxy aluminum coating resin sand technology, which makes the goods burr-free and pig-safe.

3. After advancing technology, we reduced the floor gap (for sow usage) to 8.5–9mm. The accepted norm is between 11 and 12mm. We are currently the only manufacturer capable of achieving this level. It completely prevents the sow’s nipples from being damaged as a result of the floor gap.

We provide Conjoined Pig Farrowing Crates and 3 Models of Pig Farrowing Crates.

Modern pig husbandry requires farrowing houses. It determines if a pig farm will be profitable or not. The breed of the sow and environmental quality throughout the whole workshop are the two most important factors in designing a farrowing home. Breed determines the sow’s physical appearance, while environment level determines the piglet’s living quarters. In defiance of conventional architectural principles, we created the best farrowing home for the needs of the client. The use of appropriate pig farm equipment is a vital component in achieving the production index.

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