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Tragedy: images of newlywed teachers killed in the Plateau state by herders

image of newlywed teachers killed in the Plateau state by herders
Tragedy: images of newlywed teachers killed in the Plateau state by herders

In the Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, herders attacked BECO Comprehensive School, Kwi, killing newlywed teachers Rwang Barnabas Danladi and Sandra Rwang Danladi.

image of newlywed teachers killed in the Plateau state by herders
image of newlywed teachers killed in the Plateau state by herders

The incident happened on Monday, August 14, 2023, in the afternoon. The herdsmen allegedly tried to force their way onto the school grounds to let their cows graze, but they were stopped by on-duty security personnel.

The herders allegedly pulled out guns, shot, and killed the teachers when they approached to beg them to leave the area.

The school staff was in routine meetings at around 2:00 p.m., according to Mr. Dantoro Gyang, the principal of the school, who confirmed the incident.


When some herdsmen brought their cows inside the building on Monday to graze, the on-duty security guards confronted them.

The staff emerged from the meeting to observe what was happening while the security guards questioned them about why they had grazed onto the school grounds. Two of them suddenly pulled out guns, pulled the triggers, and instantly killed two of my teachers as we were trying to talk to them about the necessity of leaving the school grounds, the student claimed.

“The Vice Principal for Administration, Mr. Dalyop Ibrahim, and another person were shot in the abdomen. One of the injured is currently receiving treatment at General Hospital Riyom as I speak to you, and the vice principal was taken to Jos University Teaching Hospital. “.

It was learned that the couple wed on March 25, 2023.

The Berom Youths, in contrast, denounced the teacher couple’s slaying in a statement released on Tuesday and demanded that open grazing be prohibited.

The statement read, “The Berom Youths Moulder-Association-BYM is, again, saddened over the invasion of BECO Comprehensive School Kwi, where two staff, Mr. and Mrs. Rwang Danladi were reportedly shot dead and one Mr. Dalyop Emmanuel Ibrahim, the school’s vice principal, seriously injured by some known fulani armed men along with suspected bandits elements at about 3:00pm of Monday, August 14, 2023.”.

According to a witness account, the incident took place during a staff meeting to compile student results for delivery on Friday, August 18, during the school’s “Speech and Prize Giving-Day,” as per the school’s calendar.

The bandits interrupted the staff meeting, according to a local source who requests anonymity. They entered the school compound with their cattle. The source went on to say that the Fulani had been asked to remove their cows from the school grounds by the staff. Instead of complying, however, they pulled out weapons and started shooting at the teachers.

Rwang Danladi and his wife, Mrs. Sandra Rwang Danladi, who worked at the school, were killed as a result of this. Dalyop Emmanuel Ibrahim, the vice principal of the organization, was seriously injured and is currently receiving medical care at the Jos University Teaching Hospital-JUTH.

“The Berom Youth Moulder-Association, BYM, under the direction of Solomon Dalyop Mwantiri, Esq., notes with concern how these terrorists from Fass and Mahanga now move freely with their weapons and graze on farmlands, intimidating and killing locals at nearby Communities.

“Fass and Mahanga as well as Guava have evolved into terrorist strongholds, carrying out various types of coordinated attacks on communities and villages in Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos, Mangu, Jos South, and even outside the state.

We therefore urge the government to outlaw open grazing in Plateau state because it has turned into a means of committing more destruction.

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