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The Circle season 2 winner: What were the final rankings of The Circle season 2?

Well, folks, our latest turn in The Circle has come to an end with The Circle season 2 finale dropping on Netflix on May 5 bringing with it the final rankings of the season and the crowning of a new winner.

Following Mitchell’s elimination at River’s hand in the penultimate episode of the season, the final five (well, technically six) were locked in leaving River (Lee), Courtney, Chloe, Trevor (Deleesa), and John (Lisa and Jack) in the race for the $100,000 grand prize.

With the final five set, it was time for final rankings of the season in which each contestant had the chance to select the individual they felt were most deserving of the prize. As we saw last season, some contestants ranked using their hearts and others played things a bit more strategically when it came to the way in which they ranked their fellow contestants.

After the final rankings, the contestants finally got the chance to meet face-to-face which led to plenty of hilarious moments namely Chloe and Courtney’s reaction to finding out their closest allies were catfish. The final reveals were incredible fun, but of course, the real reason where here to discuss the winner, so let’s dive on into the finale’s big reveal!

ALERT!!! If you haven’t yet watched The Circle season 2 finale, spoilers are to come including details on the winner and where the finalists placed in the final rankings of the season!

Who wins The Circle season 2?

Heading into The Circle season 2 finale, it seemed like no one was going to be able to be frontrunner Chloe who managed to nab the honor of Influencer several times during the season and was well-loved by all of her fellow contestants.

Then there was the dynamic duo of River and Courtney, who seemed unbeatable. Circle newbie John, who quickly managed to steal the hearts of his fellow contestants and the true dark horse in the competition: Trevor.

So who walked away with the $100,000 prize? In the end, it was Trevor who walked away as the winner of The Circle season 2 making Deleesa the first catfish to win The Circle.

The Circle season 2 final rankings

While we’ve established Trevor aka Deleesa St Agathe who walked away as the winner of The Circle season 2, the finale allowed us to see how each of the players ranked in the end and we have to admit we did not see the final rankings coming!

Coming in second place to Deleesa was Chloe Veitch, who seemed like the favorite to win it all. Third place then went to Courtney Linsen, with River aka Lee Swift ranking fourth and John aka Lisa and Jack Atkins ranking fifth.

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