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Sharon Stone Might Be Dating Masked Rapper RMR

Who needs Bumble when your DMs are open and you are the one and only Sharon Stone? Not Sharon Stone, that’s for damn sure. According to Page Six, 63-year-old Sharon has been spending time with a mystery man many years her junior, 25-year-old rapper RMR. We don’t know how they met, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most junior Millennial rappers who hide their identity by wearing a ski mask every time they’re in public, don’t have the preferences on their Bumble profiles set to thirsty 90s screen sirens with no fucks left to give. Just a hunch.

Page Six reports that Sharon is having a “hot girl summer,” which in her case means “canoodling and popping bottles” instead of experiencing hot flashes and indigestion like myself.

“Basic Instinct” icon Sharon Stone is sparking dating rumors with RMR — a rapper less than half her age.

Page Six spies have spotted Stone, 63, and RMR, 25, on dates together all over LA.

Last week, they hit up hotspots Delilah and The Highlight Room, where they were seen dancing to hip-hop music.

“They were together hanging out with Drake’s [artist] PND, and they were canoodling and popping bottles.

“They were dancing to hip-hop. Chris Brown was also there.”

Sharon has seen it all so I can understand how she can party around the likes of Chris Brown without batting an eye. She called James Franco “elegant” for fucks sake. Her eyes aren’t batting because they are broken. Here’s Sharon and RMR out on the town.

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Sharon also commented on this RMR post with 4 clapping emojis, so you know it’s serious.

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Sharon previously stated she was done with dating because she found men to be emotionally immature and insincere. Not RMR though. He’s appropriately mature for his age and is sincerely a “huge fan” of Sharon’s work in Casino.

RMR, a burgeoning artist, who protects his identity by wearing a ski mask and gold grills on his teeth, “respects her and thinks she’s cool as fuck,” according to an insider, who says they have been spending the last few months together.

“They’re enjoying each other’s company right now and hanging out. They’re having a great time together,” they added.

“They’re on the same frequency and it’s a very unique friendship,” the source said.

Their “unique friendship” has spilled over to Instagram, with him liking several of the actress’s photos — including one of her painting watercolors — while she has been supporting his career updates.

Somewhere Meryl Streep is being really extra, seething with jealousy, wailing and screaming at the sky — “Why, God, why? Why must Sharon win at EVERYTHING!”

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