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Post COVID-19, Jayson Tatum says he still needs inhaler to open lungs up before games

Back in January, Jayson Tatum tested positive for COVID-19 and missed three weeks as the virus hit him pretty hard. Weeks after his return he talked about how the virus still impacted his breathing.

It’s mid-April, and Tatum told reporters he is now using an inhaler before games to help open up his lungs.

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“I’ve talked to guys that said it took months for them to kind of catch their breath, and get their wind back. And I think I’m kind of on the same track with that,” Tatum said. “I for sure feel better. I don’t feel necessarily the same before I got it when I was playing. I definitely know there’s a difference. But I feel pretty good.”

This is a 23-year-old professional athlete who months later is still feeling the impacts of having come down with COVID-19. This disease is unpredictable, plenty of people Tatum’s age barely noticed if they contracted the virus, but for others it became life-threatening and lingering, or worse. There is so much we don’t know and understand about it, even as the vaccine rollout in the United States slowly has life returning to a new normal.

Tatum has looked more like his All-NBA self of late, dropping 53 on Minnesota last week and Tuesday night sticking the dagger in Portland.

It’s good for Tatum (and the Celtics) he has found a medical routine with the inhaler that works — he is at the core of the future in Boston. It’s a little concerning that he needed to.

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