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Open Post: Hosted By Adam Driver Turning Into A Centaur In A New Burberry Fragrance Commercial

Adam Driver is a man of many talents, like using The Force and singing while pretending to eat pussy. Add another to the list of this man’s sturdy qualifications. Along with some thirst trap shirtless shots of Adam on a horse, Burberry decided to level shit up in the promo of their new cologne, and had Adam become a full-on centaur because riding a horse for a perfume ad? Tired! But a man becoming a horse? Confusing FRESH!

Riccardo Tisci recently took over at Burberry after 12 years of working at Givenchy. The first fragrance under his leadership is here, and Burberry Hero will be out next month. GQ described it as:

“A heady blend of sparkling bergamot, juniper, black pepper and three types of cedarwood, from Virginia, the Atlas Mountains, and the Himalayas.”

You hear that? Three types of cedarwood, not just one–you goddamn peasants. Since taking over at the British fashion house, Riccardo has got a bunch of hot, famous young people to promote Burberry, like FKA Twigs, Kendall Jenner, and Marcus Rashford. But Adam was the man for Hero, which Ricardo says is all about masculinity:

“I wanted Burberry Hero to encapsulate modern masculinity, to play on the essence of primal human and animal instincts, channeling the duality between strength and sensitivity.”

By that, Riccardo must mean “make the citizens of Earth sexually confused about anthropomorphic man-horses,” because this ad is very that. It features a buff, shirtless Adam Driver Tom Cruise-sprinting alongside a horse into the water and then becoming the horse? Or something. Look for yourself y’all, here’s the Burberry Hero ad featuring FKA Twigs‘ song Two Weeks:

Confused? Same. But a lot of people are feeling it and the internet showed their Equus asses:

Well, let’s see how the pearl-clutchers react to this. How can they be mad at Lil Nas X for seducing the Devil and not be mad at Burberry for making people want to seduce and fuck a horse-man?!!!?

Pic: YouTube

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