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Get Ready for the Super Woman Video by Lele Latrice & Don Crucifixto | Out on December 2nd

In a time where women all over the world are consistently achieving greatness and raising the bar, the need to celebrate our women in creative ways is important.

The release of ‘Super Woman‘ by Lele Latrice and Don Crucifixto has been a bouquet of accolades for women being ‘special humans’. Over time the song has become a ‘tune’, one that comes to mind when you think of ‘super women’ and with solid airplay time to serve as a constant reminder, thus giving even the sons of women the platform to share their superwoman story.

The track struck come emotional cords with it’s listeners and saw a number of video trends of people on social media telling impactful stories of being a woman or raised by one and this couldn’t have gone unrewarded.

This song by Lele Latrice, a mother, singer, dancer, and choreographer along with Don Crucifixto, an entertainment honcho and humanitarian continues to reach new heights.

What’s to succeed this purposeful duet is a decent visual that depicts the ultimate Super Woman story. This is where the unconventional touch of renowned cinematographer, TG Omori comes in, Together with the veteran filmmaker, Robert O. Peters, to tell a distinctive story to eulogize our women.

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