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Jordan Henderson forced to get Champions League tattoo alone after Trent Alexander-Arnold was BANNED by his mum

JORDAN HENDERSON has been forced to get a Champions League inspired tattoo alone after Trent Alexander-Arnold was BANNED by his Mum.

The Liverpool captain had been planning to commemorate his Champions League winner’s medal from 2019 with an appropriately themed tattoo.

Jordan Henderson revealed team-mate Trent Alexander-Arnold was banned from getting a tattoo with him
Henderson and Alexander-Arnold have been crucial parts of Liverpool’s success in recent years
Henderson posed for his new tattoo alongside artist Tommy Montaya

And while he did follow through with this, he revealed that he would have been joined by team-mate Alexander-Arnold were it not for a last-minute intervention.

Speaking to the Tottenham in the Champions League final were a blur. 

“We returned to Liverpool for an open-topped bus parade with the trophy the following day. Within the week, I was in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s room in Portugal. 

“We were there for the Nations League finals. We’d just had a training session with England, but our heads were still in the Estadio Metropolitano, and Trent had an idea.

“‘Let’s get tattoos!’ he said. ‘We should get the Champions League trophy tattooed on our calves.’

“I haven’t got many tattoos. Just ones of my kids, which are on my ribs. Straight away, I said I was up for it, though.

‘”You’ll do it, too, right?’ I said. It was he who had suggested it, after all. ‘One hundred per cent,’ he said.”

Henderson explained that he had arranged for former Liverpool defender Daniel Agger to help them arrange their tattoos due to his expertise on the matter.


And with everything then arranged, Henderson added: “I pulled up outside his villa at 11am.

“I thought he might be waiting, but it was quiet. I waited for a bit, then he came out. He was looking a bit sheepish.

‘”Come on, get in,’ I said. He said ‘I can’t come’.”

‘”You what?’ My face dropped. ‘What do you mean, you can’t come?’

“‘I can’t come because my mam says I’m not allowed,’ he said.

“‘You f****** what?’ I said. ‘Get in the car, man. We’ve got to go. ‘Are you serious? Your mam says you can’t get a tattoo?’

“It turned out that Trent had mentioned the tattoo to his brother, Tyler, who had mentioned it to his mam, and she had rung Trent up and basically said, ‘You’re not getting a tattoo. End of.’”

And that was the end of that. Henderson posted a photo of the tattoo alongside artist Tommy Montaya, which in another world would have included his Liverpool team-mate as well.

This season Liverpool have been enduring a far more turbulent time on the pitch, sitting down in eighth in the Premier League.

And off the pitch Anfield has been rocked by the news that the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, has put them up for sale.

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