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Inside Argentina’s TOPLESS fan trend as women post videos of themselves stripping off to celebrate World Cup win

TOPLESS Argentina football fans are stealing the headlines in light of the national team winning the World Cup and these images take viewers inside the viral trend.

Ever since the La Albiceleste’s stunning victory, social media has been flooded with glam Argentinian women getting their kit off to celebrate the win.

The two Argentina fans who went viral after stripping in the stands during the World Cup final
One woman left nothing to the imagination as she celebrated Argentina’s victory

The videos are going gangbusters bringing in millions of views from around the world.

On Twitter, @Casual Ultra Official stitched together all the known clips into one big compilation taking the breath away of many viewers.

It starts with the two women who were caught baring their boobs on live TV as the camera spanned across supporters at Lusail Stadium.

They were later identified as two models called Milu and Noe who had artists paint their breasts especially for the occasion.

The next clip shows a woman in Buenos Aires hanging out of car with her gigantic cleavage swaying in the breeze.

It is followed by many other topless women, even one elderly woman getting among the craze.

Another passionate fan even strutted by Buenos Aires’ iconic Obelisk monument completely naked.

The stunt was believed to be inspired by Diego Maradona, who promised to take his clothes off at the Obelisk and run round the monument if Argentina won the 2010 World Cup when he was the national team boss.

The video compilation has more than half a million views with users flocking to share their thoughts.

“Dayyum,” a Twitter user said.

“Apparently the World Cup is a D Cup,” one said.

“I never knew I was born to support Argentina, I strongly believe these celebrations should go on until the next World Cup,” another said.

There has been no sign of the nakedness ending, however, the massive celebrations have been dampened after one boy died.

Another Argentinian fan also died during the wild partying after choking to death from a national flag that got caught in a motorcycle.

The famous topless women showed themselves getting bodypaint applied ahead of the final
Noemi, now known as “The Topless Girl” was filmed topless during Argentina’s thrilling win over France
Argentina players celebrate on a bus flanked by riot cops

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