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Inside the glam life of Argentina’s topless superfan as she teases followers with racy jet-setting snaps

AN Argentina fan who went viral after she was accidentally caught on camera baring her boobs at the World Cup final has been unmasked as a glam globetrotting model.

The woman, known as Noe Dreams on Instagram, became an overnight sensation when her brazen stunt in Qatar was picked up by TV crews.

Glam Argentina fan ‘Noe Dreams’ stripped off at the World Cup final
The two fans went viral for their racy stunt in the stands in Qatar
She was filmed topless during Argentina’s thrilling win over France

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted her topless performance in the stands after she seemingly flashed the cameras.

Her pal Milubarbiee, who was also filmed with her top off amid the wild celebrations, referred to the pair as “The Topless Girls”.

Their actions risked arrest and even a lengthy prison sentence in Qatar, where women are banned from wearing revealing clothing in public and public nudity is forbidden.

But Noe broke her silence yesterday to give an update on what had happened since the duo were filmed stripping in the stadium.

Initially, with the two not being identified, there were fears they had been hit with serious police action.

But Noe revealed that she has got home safely as she shared a new photo from the final on her Instagram.

She also uploaded more videos of herself flashing with her growing fanbase.

Noe shared several pictures of herself outside the stadium waving the blue and white Argentinian flag, as well as a video of Messi and co celebrating following their thrilling penalty shootout victory over France.

She also posted a snap of her and her friend topless in the stands with Argentina flags painted on their breasts.

Noe said the flag was “dedicated” to her friends and family “who always support me with messages and words… to express their pride and good wishes”.

In an apparent dig at her critics, she added: “PS whoever is world champion celebrates as they want.”

On Tuesday, Noe posted a video of herself looking happy on a plane and giving the thumbs up with the caption: “Start the ship for once before they come to pick me up at 1pm.”

She also shared news stories from around the world covering her stunt on her Instagram story, as well as clips of the enormous parties taking place in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires in the wake of the victory.

In a third post, commenting on the World Cup, she wrote: “Finished the best trip of my life.”

She often shares videos and pictures from her glam life, as well as snaps from her exotic holidays around the world.

One picture taken last week shows the stunning brunette posing on the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Another snap from October was taken at a memorial for legendary rockstar Freddie Mercury in Montreux, Switzerland.

Sharing a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt of the Queen frontman and posing next to the statue, he said: “I love all my trips but this one had something special. What to say to them… for me, the best artist of all time.”

Noe also paid tribute to Argentina’s greatest-ever footballing son, Diego Maradona, when she visited Naples in Italy.

She posted pictures of herself posing in front of a mural of the former Napoli talisman during a holiday to the Italian port city.

And she also posed for glam shots in front of landmarks in London, Paris, and an Aztec pyramid.

She often shares pictures of her glam holidays on Instagram
‘The topless girls’ shared some pictures behind the scenes
They showed themselves getting bodypaint applied ahead of the final
She recently went to Naples and paid tribute to Diego Maradona
Noe was recently in London
She also posed in Disneyland Paris

As a nod to her newfound fame, Noe changed her Instagram bio to read “the topless girl”.

Her fellow glam “topless girl” milubarbiie also shares a number of exotic shots on her Instagram and has a matching Insta bio.

She recently went camel-riding in Qatar, and appeared to visit Naples and other destinations at the same time as Noe.

Milubarbiie went on a number of foreign holidays this year, including to Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and Ibiza.

She showed her love for her country by posing in a bikini in the blue and white colours of the Argentina flag along with the caption: “Let’s go team. Go Argentina!”

The blonde also shared some behind-the-scenes snaps showing her bodypaint being applied to her boobs.

She and Noe filmed themselves dancing topless in front of the bathroom mirror in the run-up to the World Cup final.

In the run-up to the tournament, fans were warned that they would have to abide by Qatar’s strict customs on clothing.

The country’s Tourism Agency wrote: “Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.”

Remarking on Noe’s stunt, one fan said: “I spotted her, very brave! She’ll be arrested over there if she’s not careful.”

But it appears that Qatar’s authorities were careful not to arrest people for racy stunts during the World Cup.

The so-called “World Cup’s hottest fan” Ivana Knoll went viral for her wild outfits during the tournament.

But the Croatia-obsessed brunette, 30, claimed that she hadn’t experienced any trouble for her outfits, and proclaimed the Qatar tournament “the best World Cup ever” on her Instagram.

Noe Dreams is a picture in front of the Louvre in Paris
Wrapped up warm for a winter trip
There were fears Qatar would clamp down on any public indecency
She posted that she had safely got back to Argentina
She has some 50,000 followers on Instagram

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