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Ije Awele Tells a Story of Abuse & Adoption | Watch Teaser

Ije Awele, is a story that puts the spotlight on some dark sides of our society, bringing forth ‘uncomfortable topics’ that require attention.

With a Stellar Production crew that ha Emeka Nwokoch as Executive producer, Victoria Nwogu as producer, and Emeka Ojukwu as Director. they bring to focus a story of a young girl’s abuse from the last place that she expected, and her journey to healing & self-discovery. this is a story that affected a number of girls over the years and still does today.

Ije Awele underlines the United Nations’ goal which aims to shine a light on these injustices and challenges hindering the girl-child. The last few years on social media platforms have seen a rise in the number of girls being sexually abused and suffering other forms of abuse and molestation, which makes the making of Ije Awele timely.

The focus was on cracks in Nigerian society and Africa at large as regards the girl-child from problems of marginalization, abuse, exploitation, and unlawful adoption processes. Ije Awele maintained that girls should be entitled to a life free of violence and discrimination, and deserve equal opportunity for access to education and health to prepare them as future leaders and trailblazers.

Projects, such as Ije Awele are welcome, as they help to raise awareness and support for the girl-child which the world needs at this time, Nigeria is being used as an example here as there is a need to update some of our laws and also unlearn a number of customs that the society has grown attached to. It advocates for more commitment to work together to advocate for sexually abused victims and adoption processes simultaneously.

It helps that the story equally portrays the nuances of adopting a child without adhering to the provisions of the law, which can be termed a platform for physical and psychological abuse. The IjeAwele narrative Infused these topics like a bunch of broomsticks coupled together to clean up a house.

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