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‘I like the idea of f***ing him up’ – Logan Paul in shock U-turn as he calls out Andrew Tate for MMA showdown

LOGAN PAUL has performed a U-turn and is now keen on an MMA fight with Andrew Tate after admitting he would like to “f**k him up”.

Paul previously pulled the plug on a potential clash with Tate after the American-British fighter was banned from social media for his controversial views on women.

Logan Paul performed a U-turn as he is now keen on an MMA fight with Andrew Tate
Logan Paul previously refused to face Andrew Tate after his social media ban

The WWE superstar claimed he didn’t want to give the kickboxer a platform but now seems to have changed his mind.

The 27-year-old claims he would love to “turn his face inside out” and would even be open to facing Tate inside the Octagon.

However, a potential fight might take a while as the YouTuber is scheduled to challenge Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel this Saturday.

Paul said during an interview with UFC star Sean O’Malley: “I have said what I said that I didn’t feel like platforming him.

“But then this motherf****r starts talking a lot of s**t. And maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him for one night and turn his face inside out.

“Have him wheeled out on a stretcher with his brother holding his hand in an ambulance. The thought of that is compelling and I like the idea of f*****g up Andrew Tate.

“So maybe I will take it back and I will fight Andrew Tate. I take back what I said and I am man enough to say I made a mistake when I said I wouldn’t platform him I would do it.

“He has been talking s*** online, he said that he would fight me for free so I got excited.


“So I text his agent and said, ‘He said he would fight me for free it sounds like a money day for me’. So he rang him up and it turns out he wants two warm-up fights.

“I was pushing for it this would be fantastic. I thought maybe we could forego those warm-up fights and do it. But then the agent replied and said ‘if you want to fight him Whatsapp him directly’.

“I have a solution, why don’t we do something that neither of us have done? An MMA fight between me and Tate in the UFC. Me vs Tate in the Octagon. I am giving him options.”

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