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How tall is Jack from The Circle season 2?

We’re almost at the finale of The Circle season 2! If you’ve watched all the new episodes for this week, you’ll know that the contestants have basically formed two teams: Trevor (played by Deleesa) and Chloe on one side, and then Courtney, River (played by Lee), and John (played by Jack and Lisa) on the other. A whole lot of manipulation and betrayal has gone on so far, and things are only going to get more intense for our remaining wannabe influencers.

Who do you think will win it all in the end? And what has been the most surprising twist? One of the biggest changes The Circle season 2 made that shocked me the most was when Emily (played by Jack) and Lance (played by Lisa) were blocked, but got to come back and join forces to create a brand new catfish.

And to be honest, it still always surprises me to see how tall Jack is. While hanging out with Lisa, he towers over her! So how tall is he, exactly?

Jack Atkins height

Jack Atkins must be the tallest contestant on The Circle season 2. According to the site Stars Offline, he stands at 6’5. However, the site Celebs Week reports that he’s 6′. Based on these reports, we’d guess he’s somewhere in between those two heights, however, Jack himself has since confirmed the answer we’re looking for!

During a Q&A on his Instagram, Jack was asked for his height, to which he said he’s about “6’6ish.”  Wow! That’s really not surprising considering how giant he looks compared to Lisa on The Circle. Of course, Lisa could just be on the shorter side, but 6’6 is incredibly tall.

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Check out Jack Atkins’ Instagram page here to keep up with his life post-The Circle.

And make sure to tune in for The Circle season 2 finale only on Netflix next Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

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