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The Circle season 2: The biggest shocks and twists from episodes 5-8

The Circle season 2: The biggest shocks and twists from episodes 5-8 image

The Circle season 2 episodes 5-8 are now streaming on Netflix! The #CircleFam rushed to watch and soak in all the drama and the Netflix competition series did not disappoint! Here are the biggest shocks and twists from the new episodes.

Consider this your one and only spoiler warning! If you are not caught up on The Circle season 2 episodes 1-8, please note there are spoilers ahead!

Bryant was the first to go! A total sweetheart, but clearly too pure and kind to win the competition. Still, I wish Bryant had stayed a bit longer because things got crazy right after!

Savannah was kicked out of The Circle next after her feud with Terilisha, but the latter left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth because she was blocked right after Savannah.

The Circle season 2 episode 5 introduces Khat and Mitchell, but will they have what it takes to beat the participants that have all already bonded and know the ropes? We’ll have to see! In the meantime, let’s quickly recap the most shocking moments so far.

The Circle season 2 biggest twists so far

Courtney is the Joker

The Circle season 2 episode 4 leaves us with a twist — thanks to Savannah, Courtney is now in  “the inner circle,” which has granted him the anonymous identity of The Joker.

What are the powers of The Joker? Courtney was able to chat with newbies Khat and Mitchell before anyone else on The Circle, and he wasted no time spilling the tea. Courtney played it well, giving the impression that he is Emily to throw Khat and Mitchell off his trail.

This wasn’t Courtney’s only power; he was also allowed to select an influencer and his pick was River.

Courtney and River are influencers

It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly! Courtney gave River influencer powers as the Joker and the second influencer, by popular vote, was Courtney! Terilisha knew this meant trouble, and she wasn’t wrong!

Emily aka Jack’s big mistake

Jack is my favorite player this season; he’s simply too funny! He came in saying he didn’t care if he goes down as the biggest Circle villain. Jack also said he wouldn’t care about anyone’s feelings and was ready to backstab and betray others in order to win. Still, I couldn’t help but find him to be the most likable contestant.

Jack was playing so well as Emily. That is, until the makeup challenge shook things up! When the contestants were tasked with giving a mannequin head a makeover, Jack failed. And he failed miserably! Everyone quickly caught on.

No woman, and a 21-year-old woman at that, would mess up make up this badly. Jack took this hard and began to panic and break down. It was so sad to see! Jack just knew this meant his time on the Circle was over.

Double Blocking

Before The Circle season 2, episode 7 is over, the screen announces that the next elimination will be a Double Blocking. This means two players will be going home and not just one! On top of this surprise, the contestants also learn that instead of the two influencers doing the elimination, the bottom two will automatically be blocked.

Second chances

In the Double Blocking, Jack aka Emily and Lisa aka Lance were given the boot. However, The Circle season 2 threw our way the biggest twist in the series so far!

Jack decided to meet Trevor, and Lisa went to meet River. Instead, though, Jack and Lisa found themselves in a new apartment meeting each other. The screen announced that they have both been given a second chance.

Instead of leaving the competition, Jack and Lisa will now be playing together, as a team, as a new player. A catfish character. On the screen, we see an older man, around the age of Lee (who is playing River), but no name or details appear.

It seems like Jack and Lisa will be creating this new character from scratch! We can’t wait to see how this will play out.

The Circle episodes 9-12 premiere on April 28, 2021, only on Netflix.

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