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Hextall on Hockey: Jets need to go back to the foundation

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“We’re playing too loose”: Paul Stastny’s statement to describe the issue facing the Winnipeg Jets.

What that means is the Jets are being too comfortable — not paying enough attention to the details.

Think of it like a family: the family resides in a house together. The house is as you want it: everyone chips in, does their jobs and the house runs in an organized manner.

Then the parents go away for a weekend.

The kids take advantage of not-so-strict supervision. The details of the house start to slip. Things don’t get tidied.

When the parents return home to see the house in a state of disarray, they have to fix it.

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How do you fix the house? Go back to the foundation of what the house is — what makes the family tick, what their values are.

The Jets’ foundation is to defend the house — utilize the team’s depth to make sure there isn’t a leak in the foundation.

In order to achieve this, every Jet player has to chip in and work — tighten up and not let even the smallest detail slide.

The team that is able to keep its house in order from now until the end of the playoffs will receive the reward, and it’s much more than the $5 I received every two weeks for doing my household chores. The reward here is a Stanley Cup.

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