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We spent more than £80 on TINY cold burgers & bottled beer in Qatar hotel… even our chips were dry, says World Cup fan

WORLD CUP fans have told how they spent £80 on five bottled beers and two hilariously tiny burgers at a luxury hotel in Doha.

Wales fans piled into the ritzy bar and managed to drink it dry as they endured the expensive booze and food.

Pictures shared of the grey-looking mini served in Qatar
The fans spent £80 five beers and the two small burgers

The high price and questionable quality of food and drink in Qatar is becoming a major talking point for fans at the World Cup.

And one group of fans revealed their experience as 1,600 fans packed into a lavish hotel bar with just two toilets, reports

Booze has become even more of a precious commodity after it was banned from stadium complexes on orders of the Qatari Royals.

So fans either have to wait for it to go on sale at the one of the fanzones – with the bars opening at 6.30pm.

Or they have to hunt out the licenced hotel bars dotted around the cities which can sell alcohol to foreigners and non-Muslims.

Welsh fans endured the high prices as they watched national hero Gareth Bale thump home a penalty to net them a 1-1 draw with the US.

But one group of fans paid £79 for five bottles of beer – or around £16 a bottle.

It did come with some food, but they ended up with some unappetising looking cold “mini-burgers” and a small portion of dry wedges.

“It is what it is really,” said Wales fan Ieuan.

“We’d rather pay this than walk around struggling to find somewhere to have a drink.

“We’re staying on a cruise ship where the drinks are about the same price, so it’s just nice to get off that today.”

Fans queued up from 1.30pm to get inside the bar before the Wales game kicked off at 10pm.

The tiny burgers are the latest piece of scran to cause a stir at the World Cup.

Fans were left baffled by a £9 “Greek” salad being served in a fanzone – which looked like a bag of supermarket salad with one olive.

And they were stunned by the breakfast allegedly being served at the near £200-a-night ten accommodation.

It was a hodgepodge of items that was compared to a child’s packed lunch from a school trip.

Qatar has already faced questions over organisation of the World Cup – with reports weeks before the start that the nation simply was not ready.

Confusion over the sale of beer, infrastructure problems and reports of crowd trouble at the fanzone have already surfaced.

The tiny country is expected to welcome more than one million fans during the tournament – when the country only has a population of 2.9million.

Billions have been spent to try and ready the nation for its first attempt at holding an event of this scale.

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