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Ex-WWE star Chris Jericho signs new three-year contract extension with AEW putting end to return with former company

CHRIS JERICHO has signed a new three-year contract to stay with All Elite Wrestling.

The wrestling legend, who currently holds the Ring of Honor World Championship, will now remain with Tony Khan’s promotion until 2025.

Chris Jericho has penned a new long-term deal with AEW

The 51-year-old former WWE star will also take on an increased role backstage at AEW and serve as a producer and creative advisor.

Khan, the CEO, GM and head of creative of AEW, said: “Chris Jericho long ago cemented his legacy as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, and we’re fortunate to have his skills, charisma, knowledge and insights in AEW for years to come.

“Chris has discovered a fountain of youth this year, and he’s having some of the very best matches of his legendary career against some of the top names in wrestling.

“In expanding his responsibilities, he’ll continue to serve as a valuable leader with our roster having the opportunity to utilize one of most creative minds in the history of wrestling.”

Jericho remains one of the biggest names in the wrestling business and was one of the original stars that helped to launch the promotion in 2019.

Speaking to Variety about his deal, Y2J said: “Jericho had a simple answer as to why he has chosen to stick with AEW and signed this extension.

“I guess the simple answer is ‘Why not?’ Things have been going so well in the company, and I really do feel that this is my company. It’s tattooed on my heart, so to speak.

“I’ve been here since day one, and there’s really no reason not to be here continuing forward.”

Jericho continued: “When AEW first started, I think basically it was Chris Jericho and a group of very talented people that might not have been as well known.

“Within three months that changed and now within three years, we’ve got at least a dozen, maybe two dozen, of our own homegrown stars that came into their own on AEW television.”

“I have this freedom to be creative, to just do anything that I think is going to work. I’ve never really had that before.

“I don’t have to worry about anybody else opinions. Obviously, Tony Khan weighs in from time to time, but it’s really just an open canvas to just paint whatever pictures that I want to paint and that makes it so much more fun.”

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