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5 Types of Apps for Busy Women Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner, you work hard to keep all the cogs turning in your company. However, not only do you need to run your business, but you’re also responsible for making sure your accounts are done, staff are paid, and your projects all stay on track. It can quickly become overwhelming.

5 Types of Apps for Busy Women Entrepreneurs

Fortunately, there are plenty of technologies and apps specially designed to help small businesses like yours do all of the things they need to – and save time doing so. Today, Flying Eze presents six apps that are big-time savers.

Apps for Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keeping your accounts in order can be a full-time job in itself. There is so much to learn and some of the accounting systems out there can be so complicated.

QuickBooks is one of the biggest names in accounting, and it is a company that knows the struggles businesses have. QuickBooks offers a reliable and robust system that’s easy to use and understand, and its mobile app also integrates with the QuickBooks software catalog – meaning, you can do everything you need on the go.

Accounting, payroll, and inventory management are just a few of the functions you will have at your fingertips with the mobile app. It’s comprehensive and intuitive systems like this that can separate real businesses from fledgling startups.

Apps for Accepting Payments

When you’re busy working hard for customers, you need a way that they can pay you easily and quickly. QuickBooks GoPayment allows customers to pay you in a number of easy ways. For example, they can scan their card with their phone camera or key in their details. You also get lots of useful analytical data to help you see how well your business is doing. GoPayment connects seamlessly with your other QuickBooks products.

Another option is PayPal Here. You will need to set this up through your PayPal account. It lets you process credit cards, checks, and invoices right from your phone. PayPal Here is intended to be a simple and easy way to accept payments on your phone.

Apps to Increase Brand Awareness

By boosting brand awareness, you can affect your bottom line. Apps like Instagram allow you to showcase your business’s values and products with your community. You can use other apps like Nimble to prospect socially, and MeetEdgar to schedule social media posts.

Also call on the services of a marketing agency to help bring your messaging to life. With a whole host of digital marketing tools and years of expertise, strategies that include social media, website design and creative content, these professionals can take your business to the next level.

Apps for Payroll Management

If you have employees, you’re going to need a payroll system to make sure everyone gets paid properly and on time. There are plenty in the market, so look for one that offers both payroll and HR services. Use it to manage payroll and benefits as well as calculating and filing payroll taxes. You can also use it to keep track of sick days and vacation time.

Apps for Organization

When you’re managing employees with projects, while also handling projects of your own, you’re going to need something to help you stay organized. Increase ticket response times and productivity all with one app. Simplify engagement with a single portal for all customers. With team management, service management, and file storage all in one place, a system like StartingPoint can help you to keep track of everything that’s currently underway.

When it comes to organizing documents and your digital archives, the ability to combine PDFs is a godsend. Using an online PDF merge app, you can keep all your documents in one file, saving you time on having to find a document. Plus, if you have team members working on their own documents, they can add their separate files and merge them, allowing the workflow to continue in real time.

If you’re looking for a mobile notebook, try Evernote. Use it to keep yourself organized with to-do lists and notes that you can then share with others. It also has a paid option, Evernote for business, that has more advanced functions for managing projects and workflows.

In a Nutshell

Downloading some of the apps listed above can help you to manage more easily the tasks your business requires you to do. No doubt you’re always on the go and finding time to sit down at a computer can be tricky. These apps can help you to spend less time at your desk and more time running your business. They can help to keep you organized and facilitate communication with both customers and employees. All in all, they help you run your business more smoothly!

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