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5 best horror movies on Netflix: May 1, 2021

Netflix is kicking the month of May 2021 with several new releases, but horror fans are here for the horror movies! That said, here are five movies to watch this weekend.

Of all the streaming services available today, none have Netflix beat when it comes to variety. Don’t get me wrong, I have love for them all, but Netflix has a special place in my binge-watching heart!

Simply put, it offers the most variety. From romantic comedies to spooky horrors, and we are here for the latter! However, Netflix has so much to offer that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. This is why we bring you weekly suggestions.

A quick list of five horror movies for you to check out. Last week, we focused on horror movies based on books. This week, we bring you a little bit of everything, including a new horror movie starring Amanda Seyfried Netflix just released.

Best horror movies on Netflix

1. Things Heard & Seen

The horror thriller stars Amanda Seyfried and James Norton and follows a young couple who make a big move due to a new job opportunity. Soon after settling into their new home, dark secrets and revelations surface. Fair warning, many have commented how the movie lacks horror and thrills, but enjoy the story regardless.

This is a new movie on Netflix.

2. The Roommate

Sara is ready to enjoy life on campus at college, but there’s something strange about her new roommate, Rebecca. Is it all in her imagination or is Rebecca obsessed with Sara?

3.  The Stepfather

Here’s a treat for fans waiting for You season 3! You star Penn Badgley stars in this psychological thriller, and he is a joy to watch (isn’t he always). The movie follows a series of events that begin to make Michael (Badgley) suspicious of his mother’s new boyfriend, David (Dylan Walsh).

4. May the Devil Take  You

The Indonesian movie follows a young woman seeking answers about her estranged father’s illness, but what she uncovers no one saw coming. Will the horrifying truth about her past be too much?

5. Family Blood

A former addict seeks a clean slate and a fresh start with his family. They hope to find peace in a new city, but their demons catch up to them and they find themselves in a supernatural dimension.

Which horror movies on Netflix will you be watching this weekend? Did we miss a good scary movie? 

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