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5 best horror movies on Netflix: April 24, 2021

5 best horror movies on Netflix: April 24, 2021 image

Love horror books? These horror movies on Netflix will ring a bell! Here are five horror movies to watch on the streaming network this weekend.

Are you one of those readers who are never pleased with movies and enjoy the story in the books? We get it. Movies don’t always translate the pages as well, but that’s also what’s so fun about the movie versions —  you are in for many surprises!

This is especially true when it comes to horror movies because the twists and turns are even bigger and scarier. You get to actually see these frightening creatures come to life. The nightmares are taken to another level.

Last week’s edition of horror movie recommendations focused on supernatural horrors, but you’ve probably guessed the movies we’re highlighting this week. That’s right, horror movies based on books!

Best horror movies on Netflix

1. Malevolent

We may have featured this movie before, but it’s one of our favorites! For starters, it stars Florence Pugh, horror movie queen! The story follows a brother and sister duo who make a living by faking paranormal adventures.

Needless to say, they don’t believe in ghosts, at all. However, a haunted estate is about to drastically change their mind, and their lives, forever.

2. Animas 

Talk about creepy! If you want to be freaked out, Animas is your movie and it’s streaming on Netflix ready for you to watch. The Spanish movie focuses on a teenager who, after the death of her best friend, begins to have frightening visions.

3. The Silence

The Silence on Netflix is A Quiet Place‘s underrated cousin. Both are similar when it comes to the concept, but the stories followed are very unique. And if I have to be honest, A Quiet Place is far better. Can a family survive the takeover of predators who attack and kill when they hear the slightest sound?

4. The Influence

The Influence aka La Influecia, is a Spanish movie that’ll get until your skin. The story centers on Alicia, a young woman who moves in with her sister to help care for their comatose mother. But they are not alone in the childhood home as there is a dark force threatening their existence.

5. Gerald’s Game

This movie is a classic! I still can’t believe it’s a Netflix original. When Gerald’s Game was released, Netflix was only beginning to cement its place in original content champions.

If you say you haven’t watched this movie, I don’t believe it! It’s a must-see. Based on Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name, the movie follows an older couple who are on a weekend getaway hoping to save their marriage. Instead, what occurs is a series of psychological events that’ll haunt you long after watching.

Which horror movies on Netflix are your favorite? Will you be watching any from this list over the weekend? Did we miss a great chilling film? Share with us!

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