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‘Window monster’ outside Polish building turns out to be a croissant

Look, up in the tree!

It’s a bird! It’s a lizard!

It’s… a pastry?

Animal control officials in Krakow, Poland are having a good laugh after an unusual call earlier this week, when they were asked to remove a strange “window monster” that was menacing locals from its perch in a lilac bush.

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Officials showed up at the apartment complex to deal with the problem and soon discovered that it wasn’t a beast at all. It was a croissant.

The Krakow Animal Welfare Society (KTOZ) shared details of the unusual incident, including a partial transcript of the caller who reported it, in a Facebook post after vanquishing the crusty menace earlier in the week.

A “desperate-sounding” woman called KTOZ to report what she said was a “creature” in the tree outside her window, they said.

“He’s been sitting here for days and everyone is scared of him,” she told them. “Come and pick him up!”

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Staff asked if the animal might be a bird, but the woman rejected that notion. She said it looked like an iguana.

Two KTOZ inspectors showed up at the scene and quickly spotted the “brown creature” sitting atop a lilac bush.

“His brown skin shines in the sun,” KTOZ wrote in their tongue-in-cheek post. “We look most closely (and) the poor guy has no legs or head.”

The inspectors burst out laughing after realizing that the supposed “dragon child” was a French pastry that had likely been tossed from a window of the apartment complex, only to land in the bush.

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They removed the doughy demon from the tree and assured the woman that she was safe.

Then they went back to the office and blasted the story across the internet.

Although the incident had a ridiculous conclusion, KTOZ says it’s still worth reporting suspicious incidents when they happen. They’d prefer to answer a call and see it end in comedy, rather than not hear about it and have it end in “tragedy.”

The only tragedy in this case was that someone tossed a perfectly good croissant out the window.

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