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Who Signed REMA Between D’prince And Don Jazzy?

Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA Between D’prince And Don Jazzy?

On NL Street arguments, we bring to you a very confusing argument today, and it’s on the MAVIN/JONZING superstar, Rema, On who is the actual boss of the “Calm Down” singer, Rema.

In this article today, we will be dissecting the arguments on who sign Rema into music between DPrince CEO of Jonzing Record, and Mavin CEO, Don Jazzy.

We will be talking about the causes of confusion in the signing, the main contracts of Rema with Jonzing, and Mavin’s record, then we will simplify the whole of Rema’s contract to you so you can understand.

How Did Rema Got Sign?

In 2018, Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, made waves on Instagram when he shared a remarkable freestyle rendition of D’Prince’s ‘Gucci Gang‘ alongside Davido and Don Jazzy.

Guess How old was Rema when Don Jazzy signed him? Rema was 18 years old when DPrince noticed am, and he was signed.

D’Prince, deeply impressed by Rema’s freestyle, took decisive action by personally flying down to Rema’s hometown, Benin, and inviting him to Lagos with an enticing record deal offer.

Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?

During this time, D’Prince had recently established his own record label, Jonzing World, which operated as a sister label under the umbrella of the renowned Mavin Records, founded by his brother, Don Jazzy.

Who Introduced Rema To Don Jazzy?

According to an insider source, DPrince is the one that introduced REMA mainly to Don Jazzy, as he’s the one that originally found him on Instagram after his freestyle.

Upon arriving in Lagos, Rema had the privilege of collaborating and honing his artistic skills under the guidance of both D’Prince and the illustrious Don Jazzy throughout the latter part of 2018 and the initial months of 2019.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone in Rema’s career, as he officially signed record deals with both Jonzing World and Mavin Records. His self-titled Extended Playlist, released on May 21 in collaboration between Jonzing World and Mavin Records, featured chart-topping hits such as “Dumebi” and “Iron Man.”

To understand the dynamics of Rema’s association with Jonzing World and Mavin Records, it’s essential to recognize that Jonzing World was not established as an independent label by D’Prince. Instead, it was formed in conjunction with his brother Don Jazzy, effectively operating as a Subsidiary label to the renowned Mavin Records.

Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?

What Is A Subsidiary Label? How It Affects Rema’s Deal

A subsidiary label, also known as a sub-label or imprint, is a term commonly used in the music industry to refer to a record label that operates under the umbrella of a larger, parent record label.

In this arrangement, the subsidiary label functions as a distinct entity, but it is owned and operated by the main label. So Mavin is the main label, and Jonzing is the subsidiary label.

The concept of a subsidiary label allows the parent company to expand its reach and diversify its offerings by catering to different genres, target audiences, or musical styles.

Each subsidiary label typically has its own unique brand identity, roster of artists, and creative direction, while benefiting from the resources, distribution network, and expertise of the larger parent label.

Subsidiary labels are commonly established to provide specialized support and attention to artists and music genres that may not align with the main label’s primary focus. By creating subsidiary labels, the parent company can effectively cater to a wider range of musical tastes and preferences, maximizing its market presence and potential for success.

For example, a major record label with a primary focus on mainstream pop music might establish a subsidiary label to promote and nurture up-and-coming artists in alternative rock or hip-hop genres.

This allows the parent label to diversify its portfolio while providing dedicated resources and promotions tailored to the needs of artists in those specific genres.

In summary, a subsidiary label is a separate record label that operates under the ownership and support of a larger parent record label. It serves as a means for the parent company to expand its influence, cater to diverse musical genres, and cultivate a varied roster of artists, while still benefiting from the parent label’s resources and industry expertise.

Who originally signed Rema?

Jonzing Record owned by DPrince originally signed Rema in 2018, But Jonzing Record is a subsidiary of Mavin Record owned and controlled by Don Jazzy, who happens to be an elder brother to Jonzing Record boss, DPrince.

Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?

Apart from the Jonzing Record and Mavin record joint signing, Rema is also signed to Virgin Music, an American music label for his International management, and guidance.

Who Signed REMA?
Who Signed REMA?

So while Jonzing Record and Mavin Record handle the locals, Virgin Music is handling the internationals.

So Guys! We think with this article, we’ve been able to answer the argumentive question of who really sign Rema into music between DPrince and Don Jazzy?

Thanks for reading…


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