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When is Shadow and Bone season 2 coming out?

You’ve binged your way through Shadow and Bone season 1 already, and now you need more. How long is the wait for Shadow and Bone season 2?

We start with the bad news. Shadow and Bone season 2 isn’t officially confirmed as of yet. There are rumors that it’s happening—and those rumors come from a reputable source—but Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.

Considering the support before the series was released and the highlights from the critics in the run-up to release dates, there’s no doubt that this is a series that will be renewed. Think of it like Bridgerton, which had a similar following in the run-up to the series and was officially renewed after the season aired.

But while we’re ready for Shadow and Bone season 2, we don’t know when the season will be released just yet. It’s going to be a while.

When could Shadow and Bone season 2 come to Netflix?

It usually takes 14 months or so between seasons. A whole season needs to be filmed and then go through post-production before it can come to Netflix. There’s one of the downsides of a binge-watch release.

So, the earliest we’re looking at Shadow and Bone season 2 coming out is around June 2022.

It could take a little longer. Post-production on a show like this is going to be long, and we want to make sure everything looks great before being released instead of being rushed. It could push the release into later in the summer.

The release is also going to depend on the pandemic. While things are getting better, there are still a lot of protocols to follow. This has delayed a few shows, with The Umbrella Academy season 3 already delayed because of the protocols. It could happen to Shadow and Bone in the future, but everyone will have to play that by ear.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Shadow and Bone season 2 and more.

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