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What is the F1 Sprint race and how does it work?

F1 Sprint has added a fascinating new dynamic to the motor-racing season – and we will be seeing it once again this weekend.

It made its 2022 return at the British Grand Prix in Northamptonshire last year, and now it’s back for the Italian Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix and Brazilian GP this season.

F1 Sprint was held for the first time at Silverstone in 2021

Your favourite stars from Lewis Hamilton to Max Verstappen will be taking part in the feature race this afternoon.

So what exactly is it?

What is F1 Sprint?

Essentially, F1 Sprint is a mini race which will be run over 100km on Saturday evening, with the usual Grand Prix distance.

F1 Sprint is designed to be a flat-out race from start to finish, and is set to excite the thousands of fans in attendance.

The latest edition will take place from 7:30pm on Saturday.

Taking part will be the 20 drivers who qualified on Friday evening and their starting positions will be determined by their qualifying finishes.

Wherever you finish in F1 Sprint will then determine where you begin the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Should you win F1 Sprint, you will start in pole position on Sunday, but should you finish in eighth position, you will start in eighth for the main race.

F1 Sprint will take place on Saturday, July 17

The 100km distance means that the race will be 17 laps around the nearly 4-mile Silverstone track.

F1 Sprint is expected to last around 25-30 minutes, with its fast and exciting nature expected to appeal to viewers and reel in new fans.

How many F1 championship points are awarded for a sprint race win?

There are championship points awarded for a sprint race victory, with the top three places rewarded.

  • 1st – three points
  • 2nd – two points
  • 3rd – one point

And of course drivers can go on and claim more points in the same weekend by finishing between first and 10th in the actual Grand Prix or setting the fastest lap.

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