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What is Into the Beat about?

The dance film is making a coming back, and it seems Netflix is the streamer leading the way. Last year’s Work It starring Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher was reminiscent of the early aughts dance movies that rode a wave of success in theaters. But it’s the German Netflix original movie, Into the Beat, that looks like it’ll be a cross-between Save the Last Dance and the Step Up franchise.

There’s no set way that a dance film has to be, but a tried and true story element is the main character either coming of age or finding their place in the dance world.

In Into the Beat, Katya (Alexandra Pfeifer), a ballerina gifted in the art form she’s studied nearly her whole life begins to change her perspective on what her life can be once she falls in love with hip hop. This, of course, means dramatic clashes with her father who’s dreamed of her rising in the ranks of a ballet company not traveling the world with a crew.

But it’s not all dance and fiery struggles over a young person’s direction in life, there’s also romance. Katya strikes up a relationship with Marlon (Yalany Marschner), a hip hop dancer who sees her potential and agrees to teach her the art form. Do expect a montage of dancing failures and triumphs, it’s what these films thrive on.

Into the Beat synopsis

If you live for a good dance film, especially if they’re your go-to feel-good movies, then you’ll want to check out Into the Beat when it lands on Netflix Friday, April 16.

We should note that the film is in German, so subtitles will be necessary for non-German speaking audiences. However, there’s also an English dub, so if you don’t mind the words not matching up with the actors’ mouths that’s also a workable solution.

In either case, if you’re a dance enthusiast, Into the Beat may just be the movie for you.

Watch the trailer below, for the English dub go here:

Will you be dancing up a storm with Into the Beat?

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