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Watch Kilmarnock fan slap Dundee United players’ heads with goalie gloves – but Tony Watt is having none of it

THIS is the bizarre moment a Kilmarnock fan SLAPPED Dundee United players with goalie gloves.

However, one player was having none of it as they fired back at the prankster.

A Kilmarnock fan was seen slapping Dundee United players with goalie gloves

Kilmarnock welcomed rivals Dundee to Rugby Park last night for their Scottish League Cup quarter-final clash.

And things got off to a fiery start before a ball had even been kicked.

As Dundee players made their way into the field, a group of home fans leaned over the barriers for a close-up encounter.

But one cheeky supporter took things a step further by donning full-size goalkeeper gloves.

When each Dundee star emerged from the tunnel, they were greated with a soft slap on the head from the rascal.

Several attempted to avoid the playful hit as they prepared for action.

However, striker Tony Watt was not in the mood for any japes before such an important game.

He spotted the Kilmarnock fan making contact with teammates further ahead.

Visiting striker Tony Watt was far from amused with the prankster

And as Watt got level with the gloveman, he too stuck an arm out in an attempt to push the supporter away.

But the agile Killie was just as nimble, successfully evading Watt’s reach before instantly trying to slap the next Dundee player in line.

Either way fans from both sides found the whole event hilarious.

One guffawed: “Aye, had a laugh at that myself.”

Another giggled: “One day a player will accept his duel.”

One sniggered: “Need more of this.”

Another chortled: “Sign him up. Better than Kepa.”

Whatever mind games were played by the hosts before kick-off seemed to work.

Kilmarnock needed just eight minutes to go ahead through a Kyle Lafferty penalty.

However, Dundee pegged them back almost immediately through Glenn Middleton.

But Kilmarnock had the final say as Daniel Armstrong’s 73rd minute strike sent them through to the Scottish League Cup semis.

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