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Watch incredible string of gaffes as Den Haag kick-off but concede goal after just EIGHT SECONDS in Under-21s clash

FEYENOORD’S Under-21 side scored a bizarre goal after just eight seconds versus ADO Den Haag.

They remarkably did it without even having kick-off as Den Haag making a number of costly and comical mistakes.

Feyenoord scored after just eight seconds
The goalkeeper slipped and the defender ran into him leaving an empty net for Nesto Groen to score

The visitors begun the match passing the ball back to the goalkeeper who had pushed high up the pitch.

Every De Haag player besides the stopper and the two centre-backs sprinted forward hoping for a long pass.

To give the team’s No.1 some time to boot it up field the defensive duo stayed back trying to block the Feyenoord striker applying the high press.

They failed to close the door on Nesto Groen as he ran through the middle of both of them and was given a gift as the goalkeeper with the ball at his feet slipped after a heavy touch.

The keeper crashed into his teammate leaving him on the floor as Groen walked the ball into an empty net.

The craziness of the game continued as the Rotterdam based side won the match 5-3.

The clip has gone viral on social media with fans in disbelief over the mishaps.

One commented online “totalled football” in reference to the elegant ‘total football’ style Dutch teams are meant to play.


Another said: “This is some loony tunes s***.”

Den Haag’s first-team were > Dirk Kuyt is their manager.

This lead to a fan saying “it had to be them” while similarly another put “this is a perfect metaphor” for the club.

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