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Warriors president: Stephen Curry didn’t sign extension last year because contract length matters to guard

Is LeBron James recruiting Stephen Curry to the Lakers?

LeBron drafted Curry onto his All-Star team. They enjoyed playing together in the All-Star game.

Curry also didn’t sign a contract extension despite discussing one with the Warriors last offseason. He’s headed toward 2022 unrestricted free agency.

Golden State president Bob Myers, via Tim Kawakami of The Athletic:

“It was just one of those things, let’s just talk about it,” Myers said of last offseason’s conversations with Curry. “It was such a rushed season and preseason … and with what was going on and dealing with Klay (Thompson’s Achilles injury) and all the things we had going on. People listening may not realize the COVID stuff and dealing with that stuff was so unique. We just very congenially said, ‘Let’s talk about it next season.’

“In his mind, the length matters. It wasn’t contentious. Nobody was upset. It was just, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this at the end of next season.’ And I think that probably meant everybody feels good about the situation. No one was feeling badly about it.”

Last offseason, Curry was eligible for a three-year, $155,746,846 extension.

Next offseason, he’ll be eligible for a four-year, $215,353,664 extension. That deal would carry the same terms for the first three years as a max extension signed last year would’ve. It’d just include a fourth year with a $59,606,818 salary.

However, even if Curry doesn’t sign an extension next summer, that doesn’t mean he’s bolting the Warriors.

In 2022 free agency, Curry will be eligible for a new contract worth $278,806,083 over five years. That deal would carry the same terms for the first four years a max extension would. It’d just include a fifth year with a $63,452,419 salary.

Curry said he wants to retire with the Warriors. Assuming that remains true, the main question is: When does Curry, 33, wants to lock in? He must assess how he’ll progress over the next few years, when he wants to return to free agency and how new national TV deals (which would begin in 2025) will affect salaries.

But because the Collective Bargaining Agreement gives Curry reason to delay signing, that also opens the door for something to go wrong. Golden State isn’t competing at the level he’s accustomed to. Again, that doesn’t mean Curry will bolt. But there’s uncertainty until pen hits paper.

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