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Wanda Nara spotted kissing rapper 13 years her junior as Mauro Icardi calls estranged wife ‘laughing stock of the world’

WANDA NARA was spotted kissing rapper L-Gante in a bowling alley and has now posted images of the pair cosying up on social media.

The 35-year-old, who recently split from Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi last month, is more than a decade older than the 22-year-old musician – real name Elian Angel Valenzuela.

Wanda announced her relationship with L-Gante on social media
She recently split from husband Icardi – an Argentine striker playing for Galatasaray

But the age difference has not stopped them from kissing and cuddling less than one month after her break-up with Icardi.

After being spotted together in Argentina, Wanda then shared pictures of the pair on social media with a short video of them getting close.

Alongside the short clip, she said: “PA YOU LOVE ME MA OR HATE ME MA 🔥.

“THE LAST ROMANTIC Coming soon on my YOUTUBE channel.”

But it has left Icardi, who has two children with Wanda – Francesca, seven, and Isabella, five – understandably unimpressed.

Speaking on an Instagram live, the Galatasaray man responded to Wanda’s latest antics.

He said: “She is the laughing stock of the whole world with her behavior, with her attitudes.

“The truth is that I’m not ready to continue to support this and defend the indefensible.”

Meanwhile, Wanda recently accused ex-Southampton star Dani Osvaldo of hitting on her while she was with Icardi.

She was appearing as a judge on Argentina’s The Masked Singer when she revealed the anecdote.

Wanda guessed the man behind the mask was Osvaldo since his “attitude” matched, while she also knows the striker plans to release a new album soon.

The masked man denied he was Osvaldo but that did not prevent Wanda telling the audience a tale about the former striker.

Wanda claimed that Osvaldo, a former team-mate of her husband Icardi, once tried to woo her when they met in a VIP room inside a stadium – possibly during Osvaldo’s loan spell at Inter Milan in the 2014-15 season.

In the same year, Icardi and Osvaldo fought on the pitch after the former tried to score instead of passing, with Osvaldo admitting he would have punched Icardi if another team-mate hadn’t stepped in.

Wanda was the agent as well as the husband of Icardi
She has often been considered a divisive character

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