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Tyson Fury reveals his ‘death row meal’ as heavyweight champion scoffs incredible twist on kids’ meal before every fight

TYSON FURY has revealed what his “death row meal” will be while also letting slip what his pre-fight meal is.

The Gypsy King is currently preparing to defend his WBC heavyweight world title against Derek Chisora for the third time on December 3.

Tyson Fury is currently preparing to fight Derek Chisora on December 3
The Gypsy King has revealed the ‘death row meal’ he has before every fight

That will mark his first appearance in the ring since he destroyed Dillian Whyte at Wembley in April.

Ahead of his upcoming bout, the 6ft 9in 34-year-old sat down with High Performance podcast to discuss what the must-haves are when it comes to his food before he pulls on the gloves.

And revealing his favourite dish, he insisted that he has ordered it in some of the world’s most-lavish restaurants while everyone else tucked into more expensive and finer cuisines.

Fury said: “My three non-negotiable behaviours, or three things that makes me high performance is fish fingers, chips and beans.

“It’s my death row meal and that’s what makes me high performance.

“I have it before every fight. It’s my favourite meal in the world.”

When asked about whether he had ordered it in a fancy restaurant, Fury said: “Of course I have, obviously.

“I was in America, in a big fancy restaurant in New York, and everyone was having lobsters and all this fancy truffle and whatever else – all these fancy fish things that I can’t even name.


“And I don’t even like any of this like seafood and all that. I’m not a seafood person. She (the waitress) said ‘Well what can our chef make? Anything you want’.

“I said ‘Tell you what I’ll have – fish fingers, chips and beans’. And she said ‘Beans? Like green beans?’

“I’m like ‘No – like breakfast beans’. And she said ‘What is this?’ – because they don’t have beans for breakfast in America.

“So I got a picture up and she’s like ‘Oh, like barbecue beans’ – because they have barbecue stuff.

“And I’m like ‘Yep, that’s what I want – fish fingers, not crisps, I want like chunky fries, and barbecue beans’.”

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