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Tyson Fury says boxing is ‘more addictive than any drug ever’ and admits he ‘can’t let it go’ despite vowing to retire

TYSON FURY said boxing is more addictive than any sort of drug and will struggle to leave it behind despite previous plans to retire.

Fury returns on Saturday at Tottenham’s stadium in a trilogy bout against Derek Chisora, who he beat in 2011 and 2014.

Tyson Fury said boxing is more addictive than any sort of drug

It is his first fight back since April, when he knocked out Dillian Whyte, 34, and announced at Wembley that he was walking away.

But the retirement lasted just a matter of months as Fury, 34, fought hard to fill his days living the life of an everyman.

The eccentric father-of-six was eventually pulled back into the brutal boxing game as he simply knows nothing else.

Fury told Queensberry Promotions: “I’ve been in love with boxing for such a long time from being a little boy and I am 34 now, probably at the end of my career in the next few years.

“It has been a love-hate relationship and it has been toxic at times, but when it is good, it is very good.

“So we are in that relationship and I don’t just abandon things. I try and make things work and that is where we are at the minute.

“I’ve wanted to leave a lot of times but it always drags me back. It is like a massive drug and an addiction.

“I know it is an addiction and I am an addictive person. It is not my best friend, it is an addiction.


“It is abusive because, when I come to this gym it abuses my body, my mind and my soul, but afterwards I feel it takes me to ecstasy.

“The rush is unbelievable and it gives me the biggest highs ever, but it also gives me the lowest lows as well.

“Boxing is more addictive than any drug ever. Ever. Because you can’t let it go.”

Fury has teased competing well into his 40s such is his dependance on boxing.

But the heroic two-time champion, who beat depression to reign as heavyweight king, stands as a happy fighter heading into his 34th bout.

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Fury said: “My relationship with boxing? I am in a very good place with boxing at the moment.

“I’m back, I’m hungry, I’m putting the work in, I’m grinding.

“George Foreman said a long time ago, along with some other boxers, that it is difficult to run along the road at five in the morning when you’ve got your Versace slippers on and your silk pajamas.

“I don’t find it that way. My attitude is that it’s easier for me running along the road knowing that I’m financially secure and have done all I’ve needed to do.

“This is a hobby now rather than a business or sport. This is my hobby and what I love to do.”

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora ahead of their trilogy fight

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