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Tribes of Europa season 2 is not coming to Netflix in June 2021

Netflix has tons of new seasons of original series coming in June 2021, from reality shows like Too Hot to Handle to scripted series such as Elite, but another season of Tribes of Europa isn’t on that list.

With the first season ofTribes of Europa, many Netflix subscribers were absolutely blown away by this futuristic, war-ridden drama series. The story of three siblings fighting to survive as nations battle for dominance struck the hearts of many, receiving an audience score of 78% and a critic score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

With how well season 1 did, fans have been wondering when they could expect the continuation of the dystopian original series, but it there’s no definitive answer as of yet.

Unfortunately, the second season of Tribes of Europa will not be coming to Netflix in June 2021, but we might be able to tell you when you can expect a new season based on the schedule for the first season.

Tribes of Europa season 2 release date

As the first season premiered back in Feburary 2021, we predict a season 2 release date either later this year or as late as February 2022. However, that’s just a prediction; it could end up being pushed to further back next year depending on when production actually starts.

That’s because the series is still relatively new on Netflix, so there hasn’t been any announcement about whether the show has been cancelled or renewed. It’s hard to say when season 2 will stream when it’s not official that Netflix is going to carry a second season yet, but we’ll update you when an announcement gets made.

In the meantime, feel free to stream other Netflix series like Tribes of Europa such as Shadow and Bone, 3%, and The 100. Hopefully audiences will be able to make their way back to Europa in the near future.

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