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  • 7 Amazing Thailand Facts You Should Know ⋆ Best Places Of Interest

    7 Amazing Thailand Facts You Should Know

    Thailand is one of the most famed and visited Southeast Asian countries. It has the warmest locals, charming ever culture, wonderful architecture, breathtaking nature, unspoiled islands and beaches, mouth-watering foods, and most importantly, the hassle-free travel and Thailand visa procedures. Apart from these, there are some amazing and interesting things to know about Thailand – […] More

  • coronavirus adventure travel insurance are you covered

    BIBA Guide to Travel Insurance After Covid-19

    Some very useful info and a handy Q&A section for anyone planning that long awaited summer holiday abroad in this update from The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), who explain the importance of travel insurance. Travel Insurance sector ‘open for business’ Cover is essential for peace of mind and much cover is unaffected by Covid-19 […] More

  • Koala Raises £1.6m Funding, Aims to Expand Travel Insurance Offer

    Koala Raises £1.6m Funding, Aims to Expand Travel Insurance Offer

    Paris based insurtech Koala announces an investment of €1.6m, led by London based incubator and fund Insurtech Gateway alongside Playfair Capital, Techstars Ventures, and private investors. Koala is reinventing travel insurance. Their data-driven products proactively alert travelers to any disruption and pay-out instantly, no forms, no exclusions, no questions asked. As countries start to tentatively […] More

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    Things to do and See in Abu Dhabi

    The capital of UAE, the cosmopolitan city, the heritage preserving emirate, and the home to a futuristic skyscraper, Abu Dhabi has an array of tourist attractions covering the interests of all family members. Millions of visitors flock every year to this ultimate destination to observe the radiating Sheikh Zayed Mosque, adrenaline-pumping Ferrari ride, grandeur embodiment […] More

  • Yes, You Can Have Your Unused Travel Insurance Premium Back, Says Zurich

    Yes, You Can Have Your Unused Travel Insurance Premium Back, Says Zurich

    It’s been a frustrating time for those who booked holidays between March and July this year, with many people in the UK discovering that their holiday had been canceled. For those customers who paid travel insurance upfront, there was a further potential loss of premium paid, for a service they didn’t use. Here’s the latest […] More

  • Hook Island - Ultimate Travellers Destination

    Hook Island – Ultimate Travellers Destination

    Why Pick Hook Island? Of all the Whitsunday Islands, Hook Island offers some of the best landscapes and water sport opportunities you can find in the area. You are sure to find the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots on the island. The best opportunity of all, however, is camping. For camping fans, there is […] More

  • Tallebudgera Creek - Paradisiac Gold Coast Getaway

    Tallebudgera Creek – Paradisiac Gold Coast Getaway

    Tallebudgera Creek is a beach paradise, the perfect place to relax and turn off from the world. Now that’s a true holiday!   This beautiful beach is known for its stunning creek and it was also called “good fish”.  Tallebudgera Creek is also the perfect family destination, the kids can enjoy a wide variety of activities […] More

  • Kingaroy Ultimate Holiday Guide - Explore Queensland

    Kingaroy Ultimate Holiday Guide – Explore Queensland

    Kingaroy is a favorite destination for overseas tourists and Queenslanders. There is so much diversity in Queensland that getting bored isn’t really an option, regardless of what you’re looking for. There is plenty on offer for the fans of sand and beaches, but if you prefer towns and unique landmarks, Kingaroy would be a perfect […] More

  • Best Time to Visit Thailand

    Best Time to Visit Thailand

    The best time to visit Thailand depends on a few factors, and we will cover them all! Thailand is a super popular holiday destination across the globe. It is well known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, and ancient ruins. There so many things to love about Thailand and that’s why we have created this […] More

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    25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World

    It has been a long time since I have written an article here since COVID 19 and the lockdown. I came across this and wish to share the following with you- The world is home to a plethora of fascinating ancient ruins, from crumbling cities to temples that have withstood the test of time. Many […] More

  • sri lanka insurance advice should you cancel holidays

    Rock Insurance Launches Covid-19 Cover – Including Trip Cancellation

    In light of impending government announcements around easing travel restrictions, ROCK Insurance Group has launched two new COVID-19 protection products to protect travel businesses and travel agents should customers need to cancel or postpone their trips due to COVID-related issues. The products have been launched in response to research that ROCK Insurance recently carried out […] More

  • motorcycle tour offroad can you get insurance

    H-C Travel Fine Tunes Motorcycle Adventure Insurance for 21st Century

    If you enjoy motorcycle touring overseas then you’ll know that insurance is one of those essentials you need to get sorted before you book ferry/flight tickets. It can be difficult for older riders to get medical cover, especially in expensive countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia, plus repatriation costs cover – which you will […] More

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    Engaging in Sports Is The Best Workout!

    If you are anything like me, working out is an absolute priority. Although in this day and age, it is nowhere as close to a priority as it should be for most people. A lot of people will look themselves in the mirror a million times and tell themselves, “you suck, do some crunches. Eat […] More

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    Who Is Your G.O.A.T. ?

    In sports, we very seldom come across the term ‘G.O.A.T.’ or simply put ‘GOAT’. For those of you who don’t know what it stands for, it means ‘Greatest Of All Time’. Talk to any sports fan in this world, whether they’ve been following the sport for decades or just a couple of years; every fan […] More

  • Health vs. Fitness And Why Running A Marathon Doesn’t Mean You Are Healthy

    Most of the confusion comes from how we use the terms Fitness and Health interchangeably. We think that just because we are fit enough to run a marathon that we must also be healthy. However, these two terms have very little in common and the fact that most of us don’t know the difference leads to […] More

  • Rainbow Beach Complete Travel Guide

    Rainbow Beach Complete Travel Guide

    Rainbow Beach, we all have our own version of “The perfect beach”, where sugar-soft sands meet electric-blue seas, and all is like in paradise. We knew you would be searching for this dream place, and that is why we took out our map and had it all uncovered for you! Let’s be honest, the name […] More

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    Vietnam vs Thailand | Find Your Next Destination in South Asia

    Vietnam vs Thailand – Which one to choose? Deciding between traveling to Thailand or Vietnam is definitely a dilemma. I say the best solution is to visit both, without having to choose at all, but that’s not always possible. As they are practically neighbors, Vietnam and Thailand share many similarities. The climate is usually warm, […] More

  • Chinese minced meat sauce

    Miss Wu serves pasta with minced meat

    Noodles are the most commonly used ingredient in Chinese cuisine. According to a Chinese legend, the Italians copied the recipe for pasta with minced meat from the Chinese. And Miss Wu knows how to do it. Kitsch-free zone Zhongmin Greger-Wu has always dreamed of her own restaurant, one that is not overloaded with Chinese kitsch, […] More

  • Cultural heritage of Peru

    The Serrano serves ceviche

    Ceviche is more than a Peruvian fish dish. Since 2004 it has been the “cultural heritage of the nation”. No wonder that Enrique Serván, head of the Serrano restaurant, also celebrates ceviche in his Berlin restaurant. The Serrano was launched in 2010 “Cooking was no stranger to me. My family cooked every day and my mother taught […] More

  • With Bolognese filling

    The Bosco serves tortelloni with ragout

    Probably the best-known recipe for ragout comes from Bologna. “Bolognese” is traditionally eaten as a sauce. Not so with Federico Testa. The boss of the Bosco restaurant serves the ragout as a filling for his tortelloni. A real Bolognese Federico Testa never thought that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, a well-known restaurateur in […] More