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Tire slasher leaves severed finger behind on woman’s driveway

An Arizona woman says her neighbour deliberately slashed her SUV’s tires and accidentally gave her the finger, after she found the severed digit in her bloodstained driveway following an argument the night before.

“I literally have been laughing all day because if I don’t, I think I might cry,” said Francesca Wikoff, who reported the incident to police in Maricopa County on Thursday. Authorities have since taken the finger into evidence.

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Wikoff told the Maricopa Monitor that it won’t be hard to finger the culprit behind the tire-slashing incident. She says it was a neighbour who tried to pick a drunken fight with her husband the night before, and that she’s simply waiting to catch him blood-red-handed.

She says the neighbour followed her and her husband to another neighbour’s get-together on Wednesday night, and that he became drunk and belligerent with her husband.

“He was asked to leave, and he didn’t like that, so he tried to retaliate by slashing my tires,” she told the paper. “However, he left a little consolation prize.”

Francesca Wikoff speaks about the finger in her driveway outside her home in Maricopa, Ariz., on Apr. 15, 2021.

Francesca Wikoff speaks about the finger in her driveway outside her home in Maricopa, Ariz., on Apr. 15, 2021.

Via CBS 5

Wikoff’s husband found the finger and a trail of blood leading back to the neighbour’s home on Thursday morning, she told local station CBS 5. She also shared photos of the finger, as well as pictures of the slashed tires on her GMC Yukon.

Wikoff, who is a former EMT, suspects that her neighbour accidentally cut off the digit while carrying out his revenge, then fled the scene.

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“My neighbour heard him yelling and crying, probably about like 10:30 p.m., so we figured that’s when it happened,” she said.

“You would think if you’re going to go to the hospital, especially if you just severed your finger off, that you would take said finger with you.”

CBS 5 attempted to contact the neighbour but he was not home at the time. Maricopa police did not respond to requests for comment.

Wikoff says she’ll have to get her SUV fixed, but she still feels like she got the “better hand” in the incident.

“I don’t find joy in anybody hurting themselves,” she told CBS 5. “However, karma has a good way of working itself out.”

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