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Things Between Katie Holmes And Emilio Vitolo Are “Cooling Off”

It looks like Katie Holmes might have to go to Olive Garden like the rest of us if she wants to keep getting free breadsticks at a family-style Italian restaurant that feels like home. According to Page Six the 8-ish month relationship is “cooling off ” between Katie and her boyfriend, restaurateur/man-about-town/occasional actor/assumed (by me) amateur DJ, Emilio Vitolo Jr. The pair were first spotted together in September of last year and spent the fall and winter “canoodling” with wild abandon all over Manhattan. But now they haven’t been seen together in a month, even though Katie was in town celebrating daughter Suri Cruise’s 15th birthday. Is true love dead? Probably. Katie and Jamie Foxx have been broken up since August of 2019!

Page Six reports:

This past weekend, the star was seen in the city as she celebrated her daughter Suri’s 15th birthday — with Vitolo nowhere to be seen.

We’re now told that while Holmes and Vitolo haven’t broken up, things have definitely cooled down.

“Katie has a lot of big priorities in her life — she’s a single mom, her daughter always comes first and things were moving very fast,” a source said.

Their romance was “organic,” a source who knows Holmes previously told us.

Another source who knows the couple added, “Katie has a lot going on and Emilio is busy working at his restaurant with his dad.”

Ah yes, “organic.” That’s code for he had a non-famous fiancée at the time. According to The Daily Mail:

The actress was last seen with her boyfriend early last month, when they stepped out for a shared dinner in Manhattan.

Around the same time, Emilio shared a photo to his Instagram showing Katie taking a photograph of an out-of-frame subject.

The actress has not appeared on the chef’s account or been seen with him in public since then.

Here’s the last shred of photographic evidence that Katie and Emilio ever did anything other than eat delicious pasta and bone.

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A post shared by Emilio Vitolo (@emiliovitolo)

InTouch adds to the InTrigue by adding:

It appears the feelings are still there for each other, but they could have different priorities in life at the moment. “Emilio is head over heels in love with Katie, but she’s told him to slow down,” claims the insider, noting the chef is trying to respect her wishes. “She feels that their relationship is moving too fast. He really wants to make things work so is giving her some space.”

Why, if I were a skeptic who didn’t believe in true love or the power of free breadsticks, I’d almost think Katie got some good dick and Emilio got the role of “cousin Emilio” in an upcoming mob movie and now she’s a bit busy. But I’m not. Free breadsticks used to mean something in this country, and now my heart is shattered like a cellophane-wrapped packet of Grissini that’s been stomped underfoot.


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