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The perfect wifes – what are they in the eyes of a man

Every man dreams of a caring, beautiful and kind companion. Sometimes prospective suitors are ready to cross the entire globe to find that perfect soulmate. Fortunately, modern innovative technology allows men to tie their fate with a girl from any country. So where do the best brides live? Let’s find out what nationalities ladies are in the rating of the best women to create a family.

Where to look for the perfect wife: Top countries with the best female companions

To find out what “the best wife in the world” means, it is necessary to address this question to a man. Emotionality, kindness, loyalty, openness, friendliness – these are the qualities they value most in the fair sex.

Polish women – simplicity and self-confidence

Poland is a country that is famous for its modest and charming girls. Polish women care about their appearance, but they will never spend a lot of money on beauty procedures. Ladies in this country are overly ambitious, self-confident and very tactful towards others.

These women can not be called lazy, but choosing between the rest on your day off and general cleaning, they will always choose the first option. The Polish women prefer to spend their leisure time actively. They can be found much more often in parks, nature reserves, on bicycle paths, rather than on the beach.

German women – restraint and straightforwardness

Despite the fact that among the representatives of this country there are not many real beauties, they often attract men with their incredibly strong character. These women can easily cope not only with everyday life and children, but also with any business they start.

Germans are quite reserved in their displays of emotion. And if in public this trait is valued quite highly, then in family relationships because of it quarrels and misunderstandings often arise. Women born in Germany, overly cherish their comfort. They will not hesitate to choose flat-soled shoes, even if they make them inconspicuous and impersonal.

Unlike ukrainian women, Germans are not in a hurry to build their family and have children. They can think about it only after they are fully realized in their profession.

Ukrainians – natural beauty and kindness

According to world experts, Ukrainian women are deservedly on this list. And no wonder, because in Ukraine you can meet beautiful women of absolutely different types, but they are all united by the care of their appearance, kindness and comprehensive development.

So what is so special about the women of this nationality? In what ways are they superior to the other ladies? We offer only a small part of the quality of Ukrainian women, which is so appreciated by men:

  1. Housewifely – in Ukraine all the beauties are able to manage the household well, cook deliciously and manage the household economically.
  2. Beauty – it is important for any Ukrainian girl to be attractive and well-groomed. And makeup, hairstyles, nice clothes and manicures are integral parts not only of their holiday images, but also of their home ones.
  3. Motherhood – the way in which women in this country treat their children with awe cannot but arouse admiration. Ukrainian mothers are the most loving, the most caring and the most responsible.
  4. Hard work – this is one of the most important epithets relating to the beauties of this country. These ladies are ambitious enough, due to which they are often successful in a variety of activities.
  5. Intelligence – the majority of Ukrainian women have a good education. They can hold a conversation on any topic, speak foreign languages, and love to develop on a professional level.
  6. Desire to be the best wife for her husband.

The ideal woman in the eyes of a man – the rating of the best qualities

When choosing a companion for life, a man should pay attention to the most important traits for himself. Everyone has his own image of the ideal girl. Someone evaluates his soulmate by her appearance, someone – by her character and attitude towards family values. There is a small list of qualities that men think their companion should have.


As trite as it may sound, it is very important to men that their companion be cordial. Caring for loved ones, the desire to give kindness, kindness and compassion – these are some of the most important female qualities that attract men.

The main mistake women make is trying to pass themselves off as someone else in order to please the one they love. Often women pretend to be a completely different person, just to be liked. And, unfortunately, do not realize that this only repels the person they love.

Outer Beauty

Whatever they say about the beauty of soul, it is difficult to find a man for whom the appearance of his chosen one would not matter. And although there is no single standard of beauty for all, when choosing a life partner, men unwittingly pay attention to these qualities:

  • eye color;
  • the smell of the woman;
  • the curves of the body;
  • refinement;
  • femininity.


Gentle girls are much more attractive to men. And no wonder, because they often associate their chosen one with such a familiar from childhood motherly love. In addition, it is the gentle attitude of women helps to balance the male rudeness and strength. Next to the gentle beauty any man begins to feel like a real head of the family.

The ability to trust

Trust gives a sense of calm and complete unity, the absence of any doubts. The most harmonious relationships are built on trust. This is the feeling that allows people to feel safe in a relationship.

J4L knows that no man likes to make excuses. Especially for something they did not even think of committing. Men expect absolute trust from their female companions. That, for most of them, is where pure feminine love lies. And the paranoid thoughts that visit the young female companions, often become the cause of the separation of even the strongest and most loving couples.Every woman is the best in her own way. And surely there will be that man, for which she will be ideal.

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