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‘The hate is non-stop’ – Stunning UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste hits out at trolls after being branded ‘useless’

UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste has revealed she regularly receives tirades of abuse from MMA fans – including grief over the issue of fighter pay.

Celeste began her career as an octagon girl back in 2006 and has become part of the furniture at UFC events.

UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste has been part of the company since 2006
The 36-year-old regularly works the promotion pay-per-view events
Celeste, sadly, regularly receives hateful messages from trolls
The American recently shed some light on the abuse she receives on Instagram

The 36-year-old has garnered millions of social media followers over the years and raked in cash through other various platforms and financial investments.

But trolls have repeatedly targeted her, so much so that she recently decided to give her Instagram followers an insight into the abuse she regularly receives.

Celeste shared a direct message in which a troll branded her “useless” and questioned why she’s even paid.

Her caption for the Instagram story read: “This is why I don’t reply to DMs.

“The hate is non-stop. I thank god that my mom raised me to be strong because otherwise, I would not be able to mentally cope. And no it’s not easy. Period.”

She added: “Have you ever felt unworthy, insecure, not good enough? Imagine millions of people sending you things purposefully to hurt you?

“Discrediting your hard work and just calling you a ‘pretty face that has never worked a hard day in this life’. People you don’t even know!!

“I’ve had to work so hard to not break in this industry.


“I thank God every day that I can disassociate myself from this world.

“I don’t come around to MMA things precisely for this reason.”

The American model also addressed claims she and her fellow octagon girls are paid more than some fighters on the roster.

In a TikTok video, she said: “I feel like I need to address this because it’s been addressed multiple times and it’s not true.

“I don’t know where the assumption is, but it’s always an article from a fighter and it says we make more [than them] and it’s always a picture of me.

Arianny Celeste has rubbished the notion that octagon girls earn more than fighers
Celeste has made millions of pounds through her investments and subscription websites
Celeste has a boatload of subscriptions on OnlyFans
Mum-of-one Celeste is angry at suggestions octagon girls earn more than fighters

“So no I don’t make more than the fighters.”

She added: “If the fighters are not getting paid what they deserve, it’s probably because their management is not good.”

Mum of one Celeste insists her lavish lifestyle is in part funded by her investments and her OnlyFans.

She said: “I’ve worked my ass off to be here and I believe all the other girls are working their ass off to do other things as well.

“I got to say, the rumours are not true. So stop spreading these lies.”

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