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Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date updates: Will there be a new season? When is it coming out?

Sweet Magnolias is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Now, fans are waiting for Sweet Magnolias season 2 to hit the streaming service.

The first season of the hit Netflix original series premiered on Netflix in May 2020. It was one of the biggest Netflix new releases of last year, so it’s no surprise that there’s so much fan interest in the series, especially after that ending.

For a while, there was nothing new to analyze about Sweet Magnolias season 2, but that’s different now!

Below, we shared what’s new with the Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date and more.

How many seasons of Sweet Magnolias are there?

Currently, there is only one season of Sweet Magnolias on the streaming service. As mentioned, it was added to Netflix in the spring of 2020 during the pandemic. It’s been a long wait for some fans since then!

Will there be a season 2 of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix?

We have a couple of bits of good news to share about Sweet Magnolias season 2! The first bit is that Sweet Magnolias season 2 is happening on Netflix! The streaming network renewed the series for season 2 back in the summer of 2020.

How many episodes are in Sweet Magnolias season 2?

Although we don’t know for sure, it appears there will be 10 episodes in season 2. That’s how many episodes were in the first season.

Until we hear differently, we’ll continue expecting to see 10 episodes in the second season.

Where was Sweet Magnolias filmed?

Sweet Magnolias is set in the small town of Serenity, South Carolina. Serenity actually doesn’t exist, though. It’s a fictional town, like Riverdale, Virgin River, and others.

The series isn’t even filmed in South Carolina. Instead, the series is filmed in Covington, Georgia. And, speaking of filming, we finally have a good update to share with fans!

When is Sweet Magnolias season 2 filming?

Sweet Magnolias season 2 recently started filming in Covington, Georgia, in early April 2021, according to What’s on Netflix. There were rumors that production was going to start last fall, then early 2021, and then March 2021. It looks like things are finally up and running now, though.

It’s hard to say if Sweet Magnolias season 2 was delayed because of the pandemic or if the season would have waited this long to start filming season 2. I’m guessing it’s the former, but that doesn’t matter much anymore. Sweet Magnolias season 2 is officially in the works now.

We’re expecting production will last at least three months. It could run a little longer than that, but that’s generally how long we expect production to last on a show like this.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date

Those production timelines matter a lot right now! Under normal circumstances, we probably could have expected to see Sweet Magnolias season 2 on Netflix sometime this spring. Unfortunately, production won’t be done by then.

So, when is Sweet Magnolias season 2 coming out?

Well, that’s the tricky part. If production on season 2 wraps soon, like sometime in June or July, we can realistically expect Sweet Magnolias season 2 to be released on Netflix sometime in 2021.

If the show doesn’t finish filming season 2 until August or September, we might have to wait until 2022 before Netflix releases the season.

That’s the fear with any show starting production on a new season right now. Can they finish filming with enough time left in the year to get the season released? And, will Netflix have a spot in the release schedule for the series?

Based on the number of Netflix shows coming later this year, there just might not be enough room in the schedule for Sweet Magnolias season 2. The show could get pushed to 2021.

That’s the fear with this show anyway. We’ll find out more information in the next couple of weeks and months about season 2 and if the 2021 release date is possible.

We’ll share the Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date when we find out!

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