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‘SNL’ tackles Derek Chauvin trial, systemic racism with spoofed newscast cold open

Saturday Night Live (SNL) took aim the trial of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin in their newest cold-open, placing a spotlight on systemic racism and the differing views racialized people see within the American justice system.

Spoofing a local Minnesota news show, cast members took the roles of news anchors who all initially agreed on certain aspects of trial — except on whether or not Chauvin, who is charged with the murder of George Floyd, would be found guilty despite the overwhelming evidence against the white police officer.

“We all agree, there’s no way Derek Chauvin walks away from this,” said one newscaster, played by Kate McKinnon, to the doubt of two other presenters who were Black.

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All of them agreed that Chauvin’s defence was a clear act of desperation, though they were split again on whether or the trial’s jury would “fall for that.”

“Let’s just say, let’s just say we’ve seen this movie before,” answered one of the Black newscasters, played by cast member Ego Nwodim.

McKinnon then responded that the skepticism was valid because police officers “historically have gotten away in other cases like this.”

“She means every single time,” responded Nwodim.

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After disagreeing several more times, they turn to their weatherman Calvin for another perspective on the issue — who then said he was already in hot water after being “in that Paul Pierce video.”

“Look, I don’t want to get fired but obviously it’s an open and shut case,” said Calvin, who was played by Chris Redd

“That being said, he’s a white cop in Minnesota so Imma guess probation with paid tax.”

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Lastly, the skit talked about other headlines this week — specifically the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and rapper DMX.

Though the presenters couldn’t agree on whether Prince Philip or DMX were “royalty,” they all agreed on the topic of U.S. congressman Matt Gaetz, who is under federal investigation for sex trafficking.

All except for weatherman Calvin, who exclaimed that “when you think about it, 17 ain’t that young fam.”

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