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Shadow and Bone age rating: Is the series okay for kids?

Shadow and Bone is one of the most highly anticipated TV shows of 2021. Want to watch it with the kids? What is the Shadow and Bone age rating?

It’s easy to think that this is going to be a series for young adults or even children. The Grishaverse books are aimed at children 12 and up. In fact, your teenagers are likely reading the novels right now.

Just because the books are okay for children doesn’t mean the show is going to be. In some cases, YA books end up being turned into shows and movies that aren’t suitable for the original readers.  That’s especially the case when it comes to TV shows and movies on streaming services, where the older content is more accessible and accepted.

Is that the case for Shadow and Bone? It’s time to look into the Shadow and Bone age rating so you know what you’re doing this weekend.

What is the Shadow and Bone age rating?

The Netflix show isn’t intended for children. According to IMDb, the Shadow and Bone age rating is set as TV-MA in the United States. This means there is going to be some mature content and it’s not really suitable for those under 18.

That being said, other countries have a slightly lower age rating. In the UK, it’s set at 15. In Spain and India, it’s set at 16.

It does suggest that while some of the content isn’t suitable for the age of the younger readers, there is going to be something for the slightly older teenagers.

I’d recommend watching Shadow and Bone first before watching it with your children. That way you get to make a decision based on the maturity of your own children. You know them best, right? You may find that there are some elements that are too old for them, or you may find that this is just the perfect series to enjoy together.

Shadow and Bone is on Netflix on Friday, April 23.

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